Trojan Help Needed

I have 3 or 4 Trojan viruses that are detected on my laptop that I can't get rid of.  Norton detects  them but can't quarantine or remove them.  Any advice?  -Thanks in advance 



If you've got some shit that's bad enough that the average anti virus can't remove it, you should reinstall Windows. At this point, even if you manage to clean the ones you know about, there's probably more stuff you don't know about, IN UR COMPUTER STEALING UR CREDIT CARD INFO.

make sure windows & norton are updated.

go in start control panel add & remove programs & google entries you are unsure of, if its malware uninstall it, check items in your startup in start - run - type 'msconfig' enter & google startup items you are unsure of.

download a-squared Free 2.1 from here

download the cleaner

download hijack this

update all the programs, restart your computer & tap f8 while rebooting, go into safe mode w/ networking, again make sure your trojan scanners are updated, run them, run hijackthis & save a logfile & post your logfile here.

fin has a spyware cleanup guide that you should use, but give a squared & the cleaner a try in safe mode, Anti virus programs seem to miss trojans a lot.

If we can't fix it after you post a hijackthis log then reformat.

These are what Norton keeps alerting but can not fix.  Any ideas how to remove these? I tried everything else that was mentioned. Any ideas?

1. C:\WINDOWS\system32\perftemp.dll

2. C:\Documents and settings........\imgis[1].swf

3. C:\WINDOWS\system32\isass.exe


You have to go to all the config files and search the registry for references to the offending files as well as remove anything in the "run" portion and check your startup folder in your star menu.

Thanks....I'll try it.