Trouble concentrating when training

I've always had some issue with attention deficit but it's really bad when I'm training or sore. I can do simple tasks but trying to do anything complex or read is really tough. Anyone have any advice?

Give some examples of what you have a hard time doing. Phone Post 3.0

I've always had the same problem. When I would wrestle and trane bjj I would always catch my mind wandering when the coach would be teaching technique. I never got over it totally but would just pretend to pay attention and lo and behold I was really paying attention. Kind of like the "pretend to be the hardest worker in the room" kind of thing.

When I'm lifting now and just had 3 mediocre sets because I'm not focused, my 4th and 5th I get in gear mentally because I know I'm almost done and want to finish strong.

Just try to force yourself to be all there mentally.

sorry I think I wasn't clear.

When my body is sore I can do physical stuff fine.

But when I have to study, watch tutorials on software, do taxes, anything that requires me to sit in front of a computer and do work, I cannot concentrate at all.

If I am only doing really light workouts or in phases where I'm barely exercising, then I am able to concentrate way better. It's like I have to choose to be in shape, or be successful at work but not both.


Yea coffee, adderall that shit works

But trying to see if anyone has any alternatives