Trouble for fighters at ufc 68

In the state of ohio they have a weigh in on the day of the fights and the fighters have to weigh within 10 lbs of what they weighed the day before,With Hughes and Franklin scheduled fo this card this could cause severe problems for them

c'mon people i think this could be a serious issue


Very interesting. It'll be funny to see a skinny Hughes and Franklin fighting.

So Joe Riggs must not be on that card.

really?? i like that rule. how often does ohio have a ufc?


That's just how it is in Ohio.However,they said that there would be some rule changes I believe when the OAC announced they were having the UFC show here,and I bet that rule will be changed.

Go to the ohio athletic commison website go to administrave code the click on new mma rules

Wow, that could definetly be a problem for some guys, unless the rule gets changed

Hughes weighs 190, if he makes 170 day before, he can only be 180 come fight day, right?

This is a big problem for big weight cutters. But at the same time, somewhat more fair to guys to just want to fight guys their own size. Who knows..

total BS...the UFC would not follow those rules.

its not up to the ufc its up to the commision

Yea, but it's up to the UFC to go there or not, so I doubt that will be the case.

they are going its official

Rumor has it that there will be an exception to the new weigh-in rule for the UFC.

that for ammy fights.
pro fight sin ohio can be day before weigh ins

not to mention the UFC in ohio will be run based on NSAC regulations and rules. Only way the UFC would sanction an event here.

idiots if you believe this same day bullshit

I like Macdonald's chances vs. Franklin if this rule is enforced.

like i said

The rule has already been amended. Now a fighter can weigh in up to 13lbs heavier on the day of the fight. It's only a 3lb difference from before so it may still be tough for the big cutters.