My son is getting close to throwing his life away, drugs, street shit, etc...

Are there any Pros Fighters out there that offer youth counseling? I know that this has nothing to do with MMA, but I am at wits end and figured I had nothing to lose by asking. I need someone in the area that has been around and can relate to a teenager. Someone who has turned thier life around.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


Thanks Man, I can't tell you the pain I go thru seeing this. It effects the entire household and I have tried everything including throwing him out.

Nothing has worked. I have tried tough love, being extra nice to him and nothing works...

Thanks again.


not in florida

but he can email me at

i was in a downward sprial before mma and moving away from my hometown


He just turned 18.
He has no goals for himself and no plans for the future. He hangs around with losers, who also don't have any life plans.

As a younger kid, I understand going thru the troubled times, but at 18, its time for him to get his shit straight.

Its easy to say to throw his ass out, but doing it, is another story. I love the kid, just hate what he is doing to himself,his mom and me...

18 is still young

but old enough to screw up your adult life

the one thing i can say is that my parents still stuck with me threw it all

and if they hadnt i might be in the same shitty situation

if you disown him he will just learn to live with the corrective system and be in and out of jail

does he like mma or want to compete?

I use to live in south florida. Did he atleast finish high school?

I think there is a military boot camp out in belle glade somewhere. You
may want to try that

why dont you sign him up for  jiu jitsu at an mma gym?

I would honestly set him up to do BJJ. May I suggest Freestyle Fighting Academy? The Avellan Brothers are stand up guys and have a great kids program.

Hermes Franca and Kurt Pellegrino are good guys.

have you ever tried beating his ass?

I'm sorry to hear that LARRY. I grew up in South Fl, and it's INCREDIBLY easy for kids growing up down here to stray the wrong way. It's a huge, superficial, violent, humid, drug filled, party town. It's almost impossible to go to public school down here and not get jaded early on. What part of South Fla do you live in ?

Thanks guys...

Its funny man, I grew up in Washington Heights New York, which was known as a pretty rough area to grow up in, as a kid, my older brother was involved in some shit and was murdered. I saw the effect that his death had on my parents and because of that, went the straight path. I now live in Weston, Florida, which is a cupcake town, compared to where I grew up.

I have tried beating his ass, being nice, threatening him to join the join or get out, etc, etc,

I am in the process of selling my house and leaving the immediate area, hoping that a change in scenary will give him a chance to change.

I know guys like Jorge Masidaval have changed thier lives around and I am definately going to get him involved in a good MMA school as soon as I move out of here.

Guys, I really appreciate the comments....



no one can change themselves or neone else, u may do it temperarily, but " a dog always returns to his vomit".. only jesus christ can change ne one!! the best thing u can do is pray god works on his heart, and let him (god) do his work!!!plant the seed in him about christ!!!if u have well keep prayin and it is all gods timing!!!

Chiming in a little late on the thread but wanted to say none the less that posting your story here is absoluteyl proper. I've dealt with mentoring kids, generally 12-20 years of age adn I can tell you that it makes a tremendous difference. Does he have any positive interests, like sports, making money, hobbies such as cars, art, etc? If so, I would try and locate someone in that type of field, either body shop, artist, financial person, athlete, etc. and look for them as a mentor. I can tell you that he just needs direction adn something to feel proud of/associated with so that he can have a sense of value and identity with himself. I hope this helps.

it doesnt matter wut faith u choose BUT THERE IS ABSOLUTE TRUTH

ur right, but thats my opinion!!!im just tryin to help!!

Yeah Weston is nice. Basically it's Pleasantville, Fl.

LARRY, what exactly is his attitude or take on his situation. Is he insightful at all about it or is he just following the pack? I know I THOUGHT I knew everything at his age. Is he angry, resentful, or just lost and confused ? What does he like ? Stay by his side, he'll thank you later.

I'm pretty sure there's BJJ out in Weston.

I have tried church too.

He likes cars, and when I watch MMA, he gets into it, but South FLorida is tough man, there are alot of "things" to do here and the kid has low self esteem. He is not into sports.

He likes weed, rap music, sex, and hanging out; no job,no school no direction.

Hopefully, when I move, he won't have the peer pressure and he will change, but its really up to him to do it, I can't make it happen. I am also worried on the effect he will have on his sister and brother who are younger.

Thanks again guys...