TRT after 3 months

Oh your old man’s balls were terrible. I read about them on a bathroom wall!


Same here, Five years. No shrinkage.

Speaking of prostate cancer, i was given a lab order to get tested for the marker or something, last test I need before they ship.

PSA test. Prostate specific antigen. I had to do the same thing.

I still take a PSA test annually. So far so good.

It’s really not that expensive. I order it online from India and it gets here in 3 weeks. Costs $9 for a 4 week supply. I test it with a pregnancy test to make sure it’s HCG.

I get super horny after my dose lol

I take a small dose to keep the balls working


Dropping to 150mg twice a week and am 1 week into it and felt much better on 250mg a week.

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Did you notice a change in sex drive?

What would I google to find this pharmacy? I’m paying out of pocket for Clomid, about the same per pill what your getting a month supply for.

Hang tight I’ll go through my emails and pm you the address

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Oh fuck me they got shut down after my last order on early March lol the feds hit em hard per this article from the justice department.

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Sorry I can’t help with shit. Luckily I got an 8 month supply but I’m gonna have to find a new sauce

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No worries buddy, thanks for getting to it so quickly. Bad break I guess, but I appreciate the effort!

Holy fuck is the guy that got busted in that drug ring the same James Funaro that beat up Christian Darrow from the ug like a decade ago???

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According to the indictment, if customers elected to pay using an alternative form of payment, rather than Bitcoin or another form of cryptocurrency, co-conspirators directed payments through accounts linked to defendant James Funaro. The indictment alleges that Funaro then converted the proceeds of the scheme into cryptocurrency before they were moved to accounts held by other co-conspirators, including foreign nationals residing overseas.

150mg x 2 a week of 75mg x 2 a week?

LoL, I guess he moved to Atlanta?

War God chased him out of New York most likely lol now he can be an undefeated prison fighter himself

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Student Master GIF by Archer

You could make a hell of thread resurrection on the UG if you can find it.

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