TRT after 3 months

I’m pretty fucking fat. I grab a big chunk, get it tight, and inject vertically.

I always add .2ml of air so I get all of the test out, and i inject straight down into the chunk I grab.

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Full stop man, fuck the cream. 2x a week injection changes your life. Went from. Cream to injection and honestly benefit was just as much if not more than getting on trt to begin with.

Is it much easier to put on
Muscle and lose fat now? There is a marked difference in your personality?

One week later, belly fat slimmer, personality idk. i’m always pretty chill after starting TRT. Feel more of a surge of energy,

I think my current protocol is perfect.

.4ml/80mg every 3.5 days (Monday night and Friday morning) of testosterone cypionate

I had my blood work done Monday morning which would put me on the last day and be my trough and I was at 853ng/nl

I must be sitting at 1000+ For peak

Also splitting the dose helped me lower or estradol which wasn’t super high but above the range. It was in the high 60’s but I didn’t have any symptoms so my doctor wasn’t too concerned. Splitting the dosage has dropped it to low 50’s which Is now within normal range.

Everything else for the blood work showed improvement. Cholesterol is great but I also don’t each much in terms of sugar or carbs. I’ve actually been trying to stay away from white carbs and eat more sweet potato instead of rice when I do have it.

I have also lost a ton of body fat, with no change to excercise.


That’s awesome! Sounds like you have it dialed in. Make sure to share your next round of blood work with us. I’d say a little white rice shouldn’t hurt anything if timed right, but it seems like you’ve got it dialed in, so good for you.

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Make sure you don’t drink if you are taking aspirin. That can cause problems.

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Updated Cholesterol test. That damn LDL. I don’t fully understand difference in VLDL & LDL & how they interact.

Total went from 225 to 181 though.

Triglycerides from 145 to 118.

HDL dropped 6 points. Wonder how that happened?

Your triglycerides:HDL was 2.8:1. Now it’s 2.57:1. That’s an improvement.

You want that number to be less than 2. Optimal would be less than 1.5.

Your total cholesterol:HDL was 4.3:1. Now it’s 3.93. That’s an improvement.

You want that to be 3.5:1 or less.


Your remnant cholesterol was 27, which was around medium risk. Now it’s 21, which is low risk. That’s an improvement.

You want that around 15.5 to 23. Optimal would be 15.5 or less.


Your Atherogenic Index of Plasma (AIP) number was 0.445, which was high and in the increased risk category. Now your AIP is 0.409, which is still in the increased risk range but an improvement.

Overall, good job with the improvements. You also decreased your triglycerides, which helped several areas.

What changes did you make between tests?


You were over there talking shit just now but your counting on hormones to cure your fatassery and lack of a personality ? You got a long way to go coming at me with that shit

Thanks for taking the time to comment & give me some education there, it’s appreciated! :+1:

I reduced saturated fat. Basically stopped with steaks & burgers, cheese, chips, etc. Upped fiber, fruits & vegetables, beans. Fish or chicken breast.

Kept doing weight lifting but started jogging again. Was a pain in the ass getting back into it but it’s better now. So I jog most days around 40min. & lift weights maybe 3-4 days a week.

I went from around 178lbs to 168lbs.

Oh & I stopped TRT, but I doubt that changed much with cholesterol. Which he tested & total is like 300 Lolol. But I don’t really give a shit because I feel pretty good. So I’ll just deal with it.


Nicely done! Post your follow up blood work whenever it is.

I think your increased activity is really paying off. I still think your diet can be tweaked, but keep doing what you’re doing. Very curious about the next results.

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The diet thing I have a real issues with. Just because there’s so much conflicting data, imo. One person is showing perfectbbloodwork from a Mediterranean style diet where another is living forever off of carnivore. Saturated fat is the devil or is it carbs? I dunno. Frustrating to me.

Just completed video appointment with doctor for annual. Told him I’ve lost around 10 pounds of muscle from upper body since retiring and prostate removal (10 years) and asked his thoughts on TRT relating to helping me gain some back.

He was against. Concern with testicular cancer, heart issues, etc., related to test. Also said I’m exactly where I need to be as a 61 (thin and exercising regularly). Older guys tend to lose muscle - nothing I can do about it.

No go for me I guess.

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Are there other opinions you will listen too?

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Are you doing any kind of strength training? Lifting is key to maintaining muscle mass.

After retirement, a lot of people get very inactive and their health suffers. Staying active (like simply walking every day) and doing moderate strength training will increase your muscle mass. At the minimum, it’ll help you maintain what you have.

You can keep sarcopenia at bay.

Yeah, I’ve exercised steadily for decades, with resistance training included. Doctor said older guys can lose weight with any type of exercise, including resistance.

Fucking surgery had a much more significant effect on me than I expected.

Has trt given any of you increased gains in muscle? How has it affected your training?

What was your resistance training routine like?