TRT after 3 months

I had never woke up feeling completely refreshed before my CPAP, not unless I slept like 12 hours anyway. It’s a life changer.


Been on test a few months now. Lost about 30lb doing nothing besides the test.

This week a new Crunch fitness opened up right by my house, so I started going on saturday. Man, what a huge difference. I’ve gone three days in a row, not doing any ridiculously heavy workouts, just trying to ease in.

If not for the TRT, I would have been out of commission for at least two days after the first workout. The recovery on test is absolutely incredible. I had a ton of energy and only left the gym because I had shit to do. I was able to lift heavier than I have in a long time without even really building up.

I went ahead and got a trainer for every other week, mostly someone to just check in with me, make sure im doing the right crap, and provide any advice or feedback.

I feel absolutely great and would work out today if I wasn’t going golfing tomorrow.


How old are you? I’m 42 and the recovery on TRT is better than even my early 20’s. You can’t really overstate how amazing recovery is on TRT.


35 and fat as fuck. You are absolutely dead on, I really cannot overstate it. Anytime I’d go back to working out, I wouldnt be able to extend my arms or legs the next day without extreme pain from the lactic acid buildup. Now, I get a little stiff, but as soon as I loosen up the pain is gone.

I really cannot reiterate this enough. Its like magic or something.

Even when I was working out I could just keep going and going, and I havent worked out in almost 2 years prior to this.


It’s unreal. I can train as much as I like and I’m pretty much never sore anymore at 46.


Fuck it, going to the gym after work.


Wtf? It never gave me superhuman recovery lol. Good for you guys.

What were your levels at? Mine are around 750.

Did 20 minutes on the punching bag and then did legs. I could have kept going but had to come home to make dinner and get ready for golf tomorrow.

Can’t wait to go back Friday.

They were around there. 800 give or take.

That doesn’t make sense…TRT is for people who’s endocrine system already crashed and are incapable of producing test no matter what they try


What he’s describing is a Test. only cycle/ blast or a Test. based cycle; either that or incompetent fucking doctors. If you have a doctor that’s competent at all they’re not going to start you on TRT unless they’ve exhausted other avenues and- more importantly- have discussed the long - term implications of testosterone replacement therapy with you; i.e. it being a lifetime commitment. It’s pretty well accepted amongst everyone on TRT (include their doctors) that it’s a lifetime commitment and decision and should be treated seriously.

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^ Spot on, bro.

Why would i ever want to go back to my naturallly produced 114ng/dl lol