TRT protocols TMe

Two weeks is way too long between shots regardless of the ester. I use cypionate and split mine into twice a week.

I was going to do enanthate once a week

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Went to the clinic today and got put on 180mg test e once a week, 20 units of hcg 2x a week, and half tablet anastrole when I take the test.

The Dr gave me the option to use test 2x a week and I declined for now as I’m going to be overwhelmed adding all this into my schedule. When I get the hang of it if I get tired towards the end of the week I’ll switch to the 2x weekly.

Super excited to start this new chapter in my life.

Wife gave me the shot. She had a smile on her face as she knows she’s going to have to beat me away from her when this shit kicks in. I went from fucking her 1-2x a day everyday for years to a few times a week and dick not packing the same punch it did when we were young. Hoping to get back to the smashing machine I was ten to fifteen years ago. We’ve been together 20 years now, since I was 21 and she was 18

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welcome to your new life. Just be careful not to start looking outside your marriage

you’ll get in better shape. Have a higher sex drive, and the bitches can smell it on you… you’ll have pusyy thrown at you from everywhere.

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No way I’ll look out my marriage at this point! I’ll keep all of that in mind. Always have had women going in on me so I’m curious but scared if that’s the case lol

Is there any different between a gel application vs injections? In terms of effectiveness?

I’ve been on diy trt for quite a few years. Test from a local bro. Hcg and ai from Indian pharmacy. Pins from online med store. I stay low key with dosage. Guys doing 200mg a week… All my research indicated that’s a bit much.

I did have to take about a year off because pandemic. Until early January. I just upped my hcg frequency. Felt OK, but not as good of course.

How much do you inject? 200 every 2 weeks? How much HCG do you inject and how often?

Last question, I bought an estrogen blocker from Amazon , is that as effective as ai ?