Guys I'm coming off a blast and cruise and basically only running Testosterone 250mg/week, but my libido has been okay but not fantastic. I have learned that I should be taking HCG 250 IU/ed to combat this and also just to keep my balls working. I am wondering if anyone's had experience with these dosages. I'm kind of following this video:





250mg/ew Test E

1500U/ew HCG, maybe 3 shots/week

1 tablet split first 3 days of test


Low/no carb diet, sindenafil 6*100mg every week. May add progesterone cream, or tablets? But not sure. The video suggests 100mg progesterone tablets, but not sure how often he doesn't give a regime.

Sorry, tablet of arimidex.

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Why are you taking viagra? 

your dick isn’t getting hard?

Yeah my libido is just... okay. It’s not great.

but I’ve just started the HCG and already I have crazy erections


Lets see for comparison