True Catch Wrestling

I was talking to a friend of mine he is a good BJJ i was speaking with him and said how i really enjoy the catch wrestling type of way of grappling. He mentioned that he doesnt believe there is Truely a REAL CATCH wrestling art left due to influences of Judo, BJJ, traditional Jui Jutsu. Is this true, also is catch wrestling from carnival wrestling?

If you had to discribe teh difference between catch and modern day submission grappling and explain how its a complete system how could you? Thanks cause i really enjoy the catch stuff so far ive watched and read which isnt the normal BJJ that is popping up everywhere.


Garry, I hate to destroy your buddies theory,but he couldn't be more wrong.There are very few places indeed ,but true vintage catch wrestling does still exist.Right now you have , Billy Wicks,Johnny Husky,Karl Gotch ,Dick Cardinal,Fugiwara,Billy Robinson,Roy Wood,and I'm sure others that I don't know of .I did train in jiu jitsu several years ago,but I don't use any thing from it ,now.
Most modern submission grappling is nothing more than jiu jitsu without the gi.You will not find catch wrestlers using the guard as much "maybe as a quick transition "but the old timers were not fans of it!We use holds that aren't permited in most major tournaments .We also use a many rips to make you feel as much discomfort as possiable.Imo, a catch wrestler dosen't wait for you to make a crucial mistake ,as most grapplers do.A catch guy will force you to make a mistake.I will say this ,catch is not for everyone!You must know how to wrestle and you need to know the subtle differnces of how a catch wrestler performs certain manuevers differntly than an amateur.Example ..sitout,most amatieurs doing them with their head to far up in the air!Catch does it lower to the mat ,because you can easily get caught in a head submission "choke,sleeper,neckcrank, etc.Hope this helped.

I think sith nailed it right on the head. The submissions, the mentality, and the control/positioning is different. The holds are different because many are geared from and around the referee's/starting position. The catch wrestler sees being on his back as a position of disadvantage...because of pinning, and on the street, etc...and will try his utmost not to be there (unless he is transitioning from one movement to the next). The reason for the use of holds like the front facelock/neck cranks, the double wristlock, toeholds, etc. is because they are the easiest to get from the positions that occur in wrestling: Standing, on top, and underneath- and all the other positions that derive from those.

Sith , Drew,

Thanks, i think he was trying to say more of people labeling catch wrestling when he did mention submission grappling is just grappling. I like the fact that Catch doesnt like guard position or favourite like you said on the street you dont want to be there. Which leads to my next question did catch ever use striking, palms, elbows, knees or has it always been a grappling art?

Before farmer burns, what is the lineage of catch wrestling?

thanks alot guys!


There is no more true BJJ.

Catch uses knees, knuckles, elbows, and the shin bone to rip sensitive areas of the opponent. While not necessarily striking these techniques certainly do open the opponent up to attack.

kansetsuwaza,very good point!