True libtards can’t let Trump go

Desantis and the republicans in Florida apparently. We regulate businesses a million different ways in this country, good luck appealing to the almost non existent libertarian wing of the Republican Party

You are right. I misphrased that.

The wing of the Republican Party that can (and is) brought by big business (McConnell etc) is pretty big and they are more competent than the Trump wing.

How many are “Trump” wing? I only know DeSantis and MTG…

DeSantis is WAY better than any establishment right.

MTG is a fucking nut.

Well that’s the problem isn’t it? The GOP congressmen loathe trump but pretend to like him to appease the base (who loves Trump).

So competent that virtually every large corporation in the US has taken the democrats side on controversial issues. They don’t sound very competent to me, the only thing they’re good at is doing things that their corporate masters love like not passing tax cuts to pay for their spending and taxing all of us with inflation instead

Perfect example lmao here comes the libtard to complain about Trump looool

The problem is, conservatives are fucking idiots, too.

You idiots use terms left and right to attack each other; but you’re both fucking brainwashed, contradicting, hypocritical morons.

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You just did what you complained about… name checks out!

can the government ban Facebook (and like businesses) from openly posting pornographic images on their network?

on what grounds can the government control their network with pornography yet not other issues?

Except I didn’t, friend. Reading comprehension not too strong with you.

…have you read it? There are absolutely fines.Or am I misunderstanding?

“A user may only bring a private cause of action for violations of paragraph (2)(b) or subparagraph (2)(d)1. In a private cause of action brought under paragraph (2)(b) or subparagraph (2)(d)1., the court may award the following remedies to the user: 571
(a) Up to $100,000 in statutory damages per proven claim.”

“Upon a finding of a violation of subsection (2) by the Florida Elections Commission, in addition to the remedies provided in ss. 106.265 and 106.27, the social media platform may be fined $250,000 per day for a candidate for statewide office and $25,000 per day for a candidate for other offices.”

I didn’t ‘spin’ and avoid your question. I answered it. You can’t hold a company liable to enforce 1st amendment rights. Also, I don’t think ‘deplatforming’ causes damages in a way that should be regulated by a bill like this.

The scenarios you give for damages aren’t “deplatforming” which this bill targets, it’s content related, which I believe there are other laws already in place which govern for slander, libel, defamation, etc. Like the twitter lawsuit you mention (I’m not familiar with it), sounds like that content is illegal and not protected by first amendment. If true, fuck’m and hope they lose.

@Altofsky - I don’t entirely disagree with you about the ‘public utility’ designation. That said, today, in the world we live in, it isn’t designated as such. If they want to take a hard look at this and re-designate SM platforms as utilities, I think that changes the game entirely. However, I think being a public utility also comes with government protections and makes it a lot harder for new businesses to complete in the space, so…I think we should be careful what we wish for (still may be the right thing to do). I’m actually surprised by your take, I took you as close to a true libertarian as I see on here, and making a private company / industry of private companies a ‘public utility’ no matter the size, wasn’t what I would have expected.

@gregbrady I can see that, but who/what designates small vs. medium vs. big companies? I’m not sure we have a great base to start rolling those designation out and treating companies separately. Tho, this bill actually does that already, it only applies to companies that meet certain thresholds, and size is included:

“…Has annual gross revenues in excess of $100 million, as 464
b. Has at least 100 million monthly individual platform 467 participants globally…”

But they don’t care about those issues beyond the fact that they are useful to rile up the base. McConnell etc. care about delivering outcomes to their donors on tax and regulatory stuff and then cashing in when they leave office and they deliver on that. You think their big donors care about NFL players kneeling, trans stuff, facebook banning people.

“You idiots”… “fucking brainwashed, contradicting, hypocritical morons”.

You were saying something about reading comprehension… do you not know what you wrote?

More than half of Republicans support Trump as their 2024 candidate. He isn’t gone yet.

As for the social media stuff: ISPs are utilities. Individual websites are not.

We’re supporting an oligarchy. The big tech companies get liability protection because they’re supposed to be a neutral platform. When they stop being a neutral platform, they should lose that protection.

They have stopped being neutral. Never were, really.

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This is not comparable to the baker/gay wedding cake case. The baker would have been in the wrong if he refused any service, but the gay couple were allowed, if they had wanted, to buy standard wedding cake. The court specifically pointed to the fact that it was a request for a custom service that distinguished.

No one is asking social media for a custom service, they don’t want social media kicking people off the ordinary service over political views while clearly not enforcing the rules against people who have different (ones they agree with) views.

Yes that is still regulating how/what private business does. We have lots of rules regulating discrimination when it comes to operating businesses, and Republicans started that back in the 1860s.

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Our mail delivery/post office has been terrible lately. 18 people just didn’t show up for work at the post office a couple of days ago. I was talking to the old guy who runs the business next to mine about it and he instantly made it into a “It’s all Trump’s fault” discussion. Dude, let it go, WTF??

The good thing is, they don’t have to let him go. He will be running again in 2024.

You’re sorta trying to equate subjective political leanings to a protected class. That’s quite the leap.