True Thoughts On Royce/Yoshi

From everything I have read about the fight I cannot help by feel dis-satisfied. Not because it was a draw but rather how the fight unfolded.

I am dis-satisfied with Yoshida turtling and do not know why he would other than he was gassed out. Whatever the reason I am disappointed that he did so.

Also, I am disappointed that Royce chose to fight sans the gi for I think that would have been a classic nhb fight between two world class jacket fighters.

Sounds like Yoshi stalled out round two via the turtle. I do not like stalling whether it be via the turtle or via a non-attacking type of guard.

I was hoping for a tremendous fight between the last two dudes that wear a gi so that perhaps future such jacket fights could be scheduled due to fan demand.

what fan demand?

i hoped they would both wear thongs, with a gi top only

Hey at least this one's somewhat respectful.Walter i have nothing but immense respect for you but some of the posts today are dissappointing to say the least (from both sides).This one's *a step* in the right direction at least.Hopefully some good discussion comes from this but i won't hold my breath.

" am dis-satisfied with Yoshida turtling and do not know why he would other than he was gassed out"

Could it be that Royce was just the better man last night?

but that's the whole point though.

its not NHB. its only MMA.

the best senario would have been if it was no rules, no time limit.

then there would not be a shadow of a doubt.

oh well, i can only fantasize about the good old days.

amsbjj and wixom,

LOL @ you weasels.

wixom, I'd like to train with you sometime.

good post

Spank, I have to see the fight. It is hard to imagine Yoshida could not have gotten to his feet at some point. Basic stuff.

Sorry to hear that.

You mean where I referred to you as an asshole?

Spank, perhaps you could control the other side before expecting ours to relent..If you spent your time modding, we wouldnt have any hateful posts here from Osae or anyone else..


The turtle is a standard defensive position in Judo, so that would explain why Yoshida kept turtling.

Yoshida has only been crosstraining in groundwork and submissions for about 2 years now, so he is still more comfortable playing the Judo game.

Q maybe you missed all my posts last night right afterwards, and today.I have been doing my best to control everyone, period.

It's so weak to put the blame on me buddy to excuse your actions, when i've been doing all i can, and you're only adding to the problem.When you're the ones constantly preaching budo and using someone else's comments as an excuse to go off.I did see a post you made saying simply: Congrats to Royce and was about to comment on how classy i thought it was of you.What happened to people taking responsibility for their own actions and words? None of this "well they did this" "well he said that" junk, that's infantile.Try and justify it all you want, it doesn't make it right.

I can't force anyone to do anything short of deleting posts or sending a message to Kirik to ban someone.I've already on countless threads asked people to show a little respect for BOTH guys and the supporters of BOTH guys.

I blame all the red names for not following the rules they are here to uphold, not just you. However, until you clear the bullshit off this board, dont expect Judoka to take these people's shit...

It is not very enjoyable reading personal attacks directed at my friends and our dojo.

The UG is a vexation to my spirit because it makes me think dark, rises my ire and wrath too often.

I'm sticking to the judo/sambo forum henceforth.

Yet it's fine to just dish it out and be part of the problem? Gotcha.

I tell ya what, the next fucking time I see some no named fuckhead slander my dojo's name on any thread that a mod posts on afterwards (without deleting it), I am going to make this forum hell for them..Fucking bet on it.I am sick to death with these fucking internet punks and those of you who do nothing about it..You want us to shut up? You want the WAR OVER?DO YOUR MOTHERFUCKING JOB!!!

Walter, i normally greatly enjoy your posts on almost anything.

"The UG is a vexation to my spirit because it makes me think dark, rises my ire and wrath too often"

Try having to keep that place in check lol ;-) Believe me i relate to that completely.My point being that i just hold a few people who preach "the way" and who seem to know better to behave in that manner.Perhaps i'm being unreasonable though, people are people.