True Vale Tudo in Brazil?

Do they still do Vale Tudo in Brazil with only no eye gouging, biting, and fish hooking?

I disagree that UFC or Pride rules make for better events.

- Zero Horizon

Ah, my bad.

- Zero Horizon

I remember reading something on adcc where Pele was putting on an event with rules closer to Vale Tudo. Not sure if it ever happened or what the rules were.

No such thing anymore...

The definition of True Vale Tudo according to everyone on here is: No Biting, No Eye Gouging, No fish-hooking, no time limits, no rounds, no gloves.

MM: Ah, forgot that part too.

i think "meca" in brazil is pretty close to the original rules...
although they DO have the time limits / rounds / gloves thing...

Meca uses Pride rules.

Pelé's event, Challenge Original Vale Tudo, used the old school vale tudo rules, if I'm not mistaken.