Truely Canadian: RCMP come up short


 A woman arrested that had to stay in the RCMP cells gave a thank you card and gave the jail 4.5 stars. What’s the RCMP have to do in order to get 5 stars?

Well...that's nice.

Awww isnt that fuckin nice, eh!

Canadian politieness

Jesus, canada, be dickier!

hahaha thats a bit awesome

Slowshot - Jesus, canada, be dickier!

I mean we could go full on dick mode and burn and loot our communities and then attack our democracy and parliament. Would that be dicky enough?

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Captain Canuck -

Well...that's nice.

Wait! What?!! Weren’t you in BanPurgatory?  

I’m going to guess by the way the card is written she only spent the night in the SIPP tank