Trump Allies Paid Millions to Jan. 6 Rally Organizers Since 2020

did you wear a clothespeg on your nose when you typed out all that bullshit

holy fuck you’re delusional.

Prove me wrong then

you’re the one making the claim asshole

If I’m an asshole then eat me. It’s being proven right in front of your face, you just won’t open your eyes. Oh right, but sworn testimony isn’t proof. Fair enough. We’ll see what you say when when the DOJ indictments start to roll out

nothing has been proven, not by any legal standard

hearsay, conjecture and opinion is all you’ve offered.

It’d be hard to eat your asshole, your head is occupying that real estate.

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Have a vote up for that one, ya bastard

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Sworn testimony means something, even if it’s not definitive proof. Either all of these people who Trump once had confidence in are all lying, or he is.

I just got hit with a lightning bolt

Orcus always said “Hope this helps” after all his posts when he was arguing and then you were in the Conan thread vigorously insisting the Jason Momoa Conan was superior, a viewpoint Orcus also shared.

Either you’re Orcus, or you’ve stolen his gimmick

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Well, maybe if they were allowed to be effectively cross examined it wouldn’t be so convenient for the claims of the democrats.

This ‘hearing’ is a joke, it isn’t a ‘hearing’ at all. It is a ‘telling’

Looks like a hearing to me; they’re talking and I’m hearing.

Are we gonna keep pretending that Republicans aren’t allowed on the committee? They didn’t allow a guy who had every reason to derail it because he’s likely been named multiple times in the testimony.

“Bububububuh I talk to to the president all the time I talk to him every day”

Now you want to go straight to trial after insisting that no crimes were committed. Don’t worry, they’ll have their day in court.

What is the purpose of a hearing?

Legal Definition of hearing

Note: The purpose of a hearing is to provide the opportunity for each side of a dispute, and especially a person who may be deprived of his or her rights, to present its position. A hearing, along with notice, is a fundamental part of procedural due process.

Definitely not a hearing as only the one side is presenting its position.

There’s GOP representation. Blame McCarthy for not allowing anyone other than Jordan to participate. Probably the biggest political blunder of our lifetime

What is the ratio of democrats to republicans?

It is token representation, definitely not in line with the spirit of a hearing in search of justice.

Again, blame McCarthy. They only objected to Jim Jordan, for good reason I’m sure. Then he threw a fit and wouldn’t let anyone else participate. Can’t wait for the day in the hearing where Jordan’s name comes up

Grow up. More welfare isnt needed.


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your facts are wrong

God dammit. Soros only pays us like $50 and a bus ticket.

There was no insurrection.
There was violence by police as well as protesters.
The only death was a protester being shot by cop.
Gates/doors were opened by police as well as protesters doing their fair share of breaking in past barriers.

Wonder how many people can acknowledge all of this as being true.

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