Trump Allies Paid Millions to Jan. 6 Rally Organizers Since 2020

I can acknowledge only one protester was shot, I can also acknowledge a lot more should have been.

Hang on, you also get a bus ticket?

Supporting a rally doesn’t mean they supported the unlawful entry.

Only if you’re a retarded sheep.

Bernie has been a commie his whole life and was supporting Venezuela right up until the end. The fact that people as stupid as you exist is equal parts hilarious and pathetic.

Le Shat

Yeah he stole “Hope this helps” from me because I kept using it against his retarded politics. It should turn up in a search where I apologize to the forum for giving him ammo as Munk a few years ago.

I absolutely did steal his Momoa as the better Conan schtick though. The reactions are fantastic and you boys just can’t help yourself, even when you know I’m fucking around. I’m willing to bet if I do it again in a year you’ll still have to correct me, just for the record.

Le Shat

Ok Orcus

Another unoriginal troll account from an orange man bad loser.

You are a special kind of retard, huh?

Bernie and his socialist/communist ideas are retarded. Sure he has a plan, and sure he delivers it with confidence, because if socialism/communism is implemented he imagines that he will be in the ruling class and not have to worry about any of the actual ideology. This is what almost 100% of the retards that believe in socialism and communism think, until the reality of their policies starts setting in. Seriously dude, Bernie? The dude that wouldn’t even work in a commune that he voluntarily joined?

BTW link the debate, I have doubts that Bernie “eviscerated” anyone, but it is Graham so I guess anything is possible.

Bored Christopher Walken GIF

SN checks out.

You do realize that you are dealing with a superior intellect and legal scholar of the highest order here, right? Also he is psychic and can predict the future. Not even sure why you bother arguing, since everything he predicts comes true, and he can read the thoughts and motivations of people from across the globe. His 20/20 foresight has served him well with literally millions of predictions, all having come true, as witnessed here on the OG.

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Speak Black Woman GIF by Robert E Blackmon

have you figured out where youve made your factually incorrect statement yet?


With your superior telepathic abilities, you had to have detected the sarcasm!

Are you planning a trip to Venezuela to enjoy that “democratic” socialism?
Heard they make an awesome rat stew.

Look at their lovely food lines. This is Bernie boy’s American Dream.

LMAO @ a grown man supporting Bernie and his socialism.
So pathetic.

Le Shat

I don’t support Bernie, orcus. I’m taking about a politician who actually has an agenda to present other than “they’re gonna turn your kids gay”.

I think Bernie is partly running the country right now in regards to policy. Joe Biden didn’t just wake up one day after 45 years in government and decide to be a CRT loving, open borders, woke, anti Constitutionalist. He is appeasing the radical leftists in the party. And I think the influence for that is coming from Bernie and it was done in exchange for him throwing his support behind Biden.

The DNC probably decided that the woke movement was a threat to either take over the party, or split and form their own party. So they compromise by letting them dictate social policy.


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