Trump Allies Paid Millions to Jan. 6 Rally Organizers Since 2020

What radical left policies has Biden passed? He might say shit to appease certain people his policies are as moderate as they come

Sort of. What I think is happening is that they know that with the way the GOP has swung in the last decade, they have to do something extreme to hold on to the majority otherwise there will be a red wave next year and in 04. I think it’ll backfire but it’s also very possible that the Republicans will pull some shady corrupt shit that pushes the vote to the left.

We’ll see

He passed race based stimulus to the 1.4% of black farmers and excluded whites. He tried to do it for black restaurant owners before getting stopped by the courts.

He recently said they would be withholding Federal lunch funding from any school that did not promote LGBTQ agendas.

His administration has pushed and supported critical race theory and critical race praxis in schools. A purely racist and divisive ideology being taught at an early age.

They spoke up against the “Don’t say gay” bill in Florida with Psaki even going on TV and actually crying. You know, the bill that has nothing to do with “Don’t say gay”. It’s actually, “don’t teach gender and sexual ideology to 5 year olds. At least wait until they are in the 4th grade. Just teach math, English, spelling and P.E. until then.”

And that’s just off the top of my head.

How does a small crowd take over the gov’t anyway? Is the capitol like base in capture the flag, and if you can successfully get there, you then get the powers of command? All the federal agencies and employees and the military have to listen to them?

“I hate to launch this ICBM into Detroit, but Buffalo horns guy made it into the Capitol. What choice do I have?”

I would vote for Buffalo horns guy over Biden.

Yeah a garbage socialist agenda, and you liking his points against Graham clearly isn’t supporting him, lol.
Brilliant, numpty.

Le Shat

Gotcha. I haven’t heard about that. I’ll look into it

I like that he HAD points that Graham had no answer to. I like when a politician is willing to play his policies on the table and let anyone challenge them with their own. Graham fell short and I give credit where is due

That wasn’t their objective but you’re not listening. Their goal was to get pence to flee so that grassley would send the vote back to the states. You think the plan was for them to take over and make buffalo head our new president?

I feel the same thats why i laugh at people talking about Bernie.

Good… I was hoping they would get some of the corrupt scum when they entered…

Trump wasn’t in there

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Imagine being so confident that you know what’s going on when you deliberately limit your information to propagandists.

What radical left policies has Biden passed? He might say shit to appease certain people his policies are as moderate as they come.

As moderate as they come, huh? Not radical?

lmao at Bidan doing ok as president…Please tell me one thing that he is doing ok at?

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That was in OP’s bio (on his profile, whatever that’s called), I was mocking him. He changed it now

Those aren’t policies, they are people. I have no idea if they are qualified or not, so I can’t comment on that.

Bidan sounds like a Godzilla villain Kaiju.

He won an ice cream eating contest @ G7.

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