Trump asks, "Who shot Ashli Babbitt?"

Leftist trigger alert!


Why is he holding a rally?

I’ve seen pop up booths selling Trump 2024 flags.

I was hoping Trump would retire and just enjoy life. Plus the media started shifting to Biden controversy, don’t give them any content for fake Trump news

What biden controversy is the left wing media focusing on?


Choca Choca Chip…

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His Student loan forgiveness lies

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He was the President when this happened. He could have easily found out then if he actually cared.

For what reason - other than appearing to his moron base - is he asking this?

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“appearing to”? You voted for Biden, didn’t ya. Don’t ever call anyone a moron.


You got me - auto correct failed me.

So how about my question - given Trump was President at the time and obviously didn’t give a shit, why does he care now?

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He wants the name released to the public…

and he could have ordered that done himself… but he didnt.

Is that the answer to Trump’s question ?

It’s funny how all the leftist morons think Trump was President after Biden’s inauguration.

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The woman was shot on Jan 6th.

Biden’s inauguration was Jan 20th.

What were you saying about morons?

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Can you delete comments? You should probably do that…

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Fuck it, I stand by my post. Liberals are fucking morons.


says the guy that just outed himself as the biggest moron on the thread.

“yeah i said some stupid shit but i hate liberals so i stand by that dumb shit i said!”

Dumbest post ever.

I’m pretty sure you got that beat. All because you can’t control your emotions when it comes to liberals. You ate up that right wing propaganda like you were starving.