Trump: "Back to POTUS in August"

Hey hey, take it easy; what’s with all the hostility? Relax; how about I buy you a drink?

You write like Trump

Young enough to kick your ass, old enough to realize you’re not worth the 10s it’d take.

Just as in 1861, there is nothing ‘patriotic’ about trying to break apart or disrupt the country because your feelings get hurt. We’ve addressed this. No one I know on the ‘left’ wants to throw out the Constitution and start over (I am SURE there are examples you can find, but not the masses), they work in it’s framework. As I mentioned before, did the left/Dems hate President Trump? Yea. Did the Pussyhats storm the Capitol and chant ‘hang Biden’ during Pres. Trump’s inauguration? No. They tried to investigate and impeach him…you know, the process laid out in the Constitution, you dumb shit.

  1. I doubt you understand what socialism is. We have socialist policies already and have had some degree of them since the 1800s.

  2. I’ve never advocated for ‘socialism’ or whatever boogeyman you cry yourself to sleep at night worried about/hoping ass bangs you at night.

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street fighter GIF by James Curran

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