Trump, Biden, Fauci, etc coming to head

Trump indicted, Biden not looking good with money laundering, bribery and impeachment stuff, Fauci linked to CIA influencing the Covid origin narrative and all other ’rona fuckery.

Wouldn’t it be amazing if all three went down simultaneously? What do you think the odds of that happening are?

The only one imploding is Trump, because he is the actual guilty one.

Everything else in your post is right-wing cope.

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You’re amazingly fucking retarded. The only one committing crimes in that trio is your orange fucktard.

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What makes you think anyone is mine? You’re super weird.

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What makes you think your political leaning isn’t 100% obvious?

What makes you think your retardation and faggotness isn’t 100% obvious?


What makes you think I don’t hold the very same opinion of you and laugh at you because you prove me correct every single day?

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Lol @ cliff booth. Yep, old Joe is as pure as the driven snow. That old racist has been taking bribes for years. The Dems are getting ready to jettison him. He will be the fall guy just to show that the DOJ isn’t partisan.


If you can prove he has committed a crime, then charges should be filed against him. No one is above the law. Since there is no criminal case against him even being discussed, I’m going to assume that’s because there is no evidence. At all. And the Dems are preparing for another four years with him in the White House because he will TROUNCE the Orange Retard. Again.

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coming to head

:thinking: :thinking: :thinking:

Dude why are you such a hoe now ?

About 1 in 0.
Fauci hasn’t gotten anything right since he was trying to treat AIDS back in the '80s, yet he’s still considered an expert and leaders at the highest level still turn to him for advice and dictating protocol.
If he hasn’t gone anywhere by now, it ain’t gonna happen.

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i would love to see all three of them imploded from the planet. anybody who wants any of three to remain a public face is a fucking idiot.

i will still vote for trump of course, if the choice are him or biden, kamala, newsom, or several other dipshit dems. im sure there is somebody from the party i’d choose over trump though

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the word “expert” is 100% meaningless

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It’s kinda bananas that going all the way back to the '80s, the best we can come up with for the top leadership position in our country have been the Bushes, Clintons, Obama, Trump & Biden.
How does any of that represent the “best” we have to offer?

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i would vote for bill clinton over trump. at least the clinton of the 90s. im sure 2023 clinton would somehow turn into a woketard. Obama without the race failure could be palatable as well, but he somehow managed to turn race relations backwards about 40 years. he killed our country. pissed off the right. trump was the response and now everybody is pissed off.

that’s how i see it at least

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This is some of the dumbest shit that has ever been said here.