Trump calls Putin's invasion of Ukraine "genius" and "very savvy", hails him as "peacekeeper"

We are paying for the sins of the Bush/Obama admin in Ukraine.

Oh wait, that’s Israel and it’s IDF, the largest terrorist organization in the world.

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He waited for a weak POTUS and invaded with Biden in office.
Putin was smart to wait for a weak, old POTUS

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Putin was essentially the U.S. President for 4 years. He thought he was going to get another 4 years by easily defeating “dementia afflicted sleepy Joe Biden.” Dumb move.

Putin’s main fear was Ukraine joining NATO and the European Union. With Putin essentially the U.S. President for 4 years, that was never going to happen. After Putin lost the U.S. Presidency to Joe Biden, his worst fear was realized. So he took matters into his own hands and invaded Ukraine.

Putin would never have invaded all of Ukraine, if Donald Trump was never President.


Ukraine and NATO is getting their asses handed to them

This Ukraine mess could bring down the West…. We are getting outplayed by Russia.

Very good news.

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Yet Chuck Schumer eats donuts with him and Hillary sold him all of our Uranium and Biden lifted sanctions on his oil line… Ok…

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Putin is eating NATO and America’s lunch… the sins of the Obama/Biden coup in Ukraine have come home to roost. Americans are paying the price for these war crimes under the Clinton State Dept.

You’re the last guy I expected to be helping Russia.

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I don’t need to help Russia… They are eating Biden’s lunch………we need to help Ukraine.

Putting a Ukraine flag sticker on your social media is not helping. Educating leftists on the US proxy war in Ukraine where they are willing to sacrifice every last Ukrainian is more helpful. The US Obama/Biden regime is to blame. Sadly, they might be done with their puppet in Ukraine just like Davos is done with their Biden puppet in the US.


Putin waited for a weak POTUS and got that with Biden so he invaded.

That’s the truth.


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Looking very bad for Obama now