Trump calls Putin's invasion of Ukraine "genius" and "very savvy", hails him as "peacekeeper"

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His supporters love him. They don’t give a fuck what he did.

Who in their right mind believes anything that comes out of the mouth of the Russian Government. All they do is lies and propaganda. Besides, I didn’t find anything objectionable. Whenever I hear the name George Soros, I stop listening.


Soros is the right equivalent of “The Devil”

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Big mistake. A miscalculation. Bet he regrets it now.


Yep, he should’ve taken the chance with the president that preferred blackmailing Ukraine.


Why? Weak Biden hasn’t stopped Putin lol

He did, unless in your partisan retarded fury, you missed the video of Biden bragging about it.

Only one of them tried to hide anything with Ukraine, and there’s reason for that. Good luck trying to figure it out.

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“We should have started our special operation, when our partner Trump was the President of the United States.”


Only one of them was incompetent enough to brag about his bribery on video. I think it was the one who had a relative working there making a lot of money… Good luck trying to figure it out “ex” KKK pedo defender.

Weird, couldn’t find that quote in the article you posted. Can you point me in the right direction?

Bono, Ben Stiller, sean Penn, etc.

These Hollywood photoshoots are a joke…. Just shoveling billions into a black hole to enrich oligarchs while the Ukranian people suffer under this phony puppet government.


Yes… and the US is getting its ass kicked

go ahead trumptards … spin this

i need a good laugh

Wrong thread??

LMAO you’re another sucker

The rest of the article went on to say Trump praised Putin for declaring 2 Ukrainian provinces independent.

Thats kinda like the US invading Quebec and say we set them free.

Makes no sense but since the Annointed One said it I guess it does


I also congratulate Putin for supporting the independence movement of those provinces. The US tried a coup there but it backfired.