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Oklahoma state Sen. Ralph Shortey is facing numerous charges from Moore police after he was caught in a Super 8 Motel room with a minor boy.

According to KOCO reporter Bret Buganski?, police are recommending the Republican lawmaker be charged with soliciting prostitution of a minor, prostitution within 1,000 feet of church and transporting purpose of prostitution.

“On March 9 … officers of the Moore Police Department were contacted in reference to a welfare check at a local hotel,” Lt. Kyle Dudley told “Responding officers found a juvenile male in a hotel room which was also occupied by an adult male. The circumstances surrounding this incident are currently under investigation and no additional information can be released at this time.”

An employee of the hotel confirmed to KOCO that a man named “Ralph Allen Shortey” checked in at approximately 12:20 a.m. asking for a room with two beds. Just 30 minutes later the police arrived responding to a “welfare check,” though no one has come forward admitting to the call.

No one has been arrested and no charges have been filed, but text messages between the boy and Shortey are being investigated by police. Shortey’s legislative office door was found to have a note saying that he would be gone for the week.

Shortey was the state chair of President Donald Trump’s campaign during the primary elections.

“I am proud and honored to have been tapped as Chairman of the campaign for Oklahoma,” Shortey wrote on his Facebook Sept. 2015, according to The Lost Ogle. “We are very excited for the opportunity to have Mr. Trump here,” he said announcing a rally for Trump at the Oklahoma State Fair.

Shortey has been in office since 2010 and is most known for a bill he proposed to ban fetuses in food. NewsOK reports Shortey has been married to his high school sweetheart since 2002 and that he studied at Heartland Baptist Bible College in Oklahoma City in preparation for mission work in Uganda. A direct mail piece sent to Shortey’s constituents show that he was also endorsed by Sheriff Joe Arpaio for his opposition to immigration and immigrants and by Sen. James Lankford (R-OK) for his “conservative principles.” Beth and Dog the Bounty Hunter hosted a rally for Shortey’s election in 2014.

“The Oklahoma Republican Party takes all accusations against elected officials seriously, especially when the welfare of a minor is involved,” Pam Pollard of the Oklahoma Republican Party said in a statement. “We have reached out to Senator Shortey for comment and have not heard back from him at this time. We await the report from law enforcement on whether charges will be filed.”

(Note: This article has been updated)

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" most known for a bill he proposed to ban fetuses in food."

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The Republican politician, who is married with children, was discovered in a hotel room with a 17-year-old boy who, according to authorities, Shortey had hired as a prostitute. The age of consent in Oklahoma is 16, but the state’s child prostitution law applies to people under 18.

Shortey surrendered himself to face charges and has resigned from the state Senate.

Court documents this week included an affidavit that revealed some of the graphic details of the case.


According to the affidavit, Shortey offered to pay the teen for “sexual stuff” so he could raise money for Spring Break.

In online messages, he told him: “I’m gonna f**k you like a good little boy if you keep calling me daddy.”


He also referred to having sex with the teen’s “boy pussy, baby boy”.

Appearing at Cleveland County District Court, he was charged with engaging in child prostitution, engaging in prostitution within 1,000 feet of a church and transporting a minor for prostitution.

His bail was set at $100,000.

Prior to his resignation, the Senate passed a resolution to suspend Shortey from all committees and strip his name from all legislation. The lawmaker’s seat was empty as the vote passed unanimously.


Senate President Pro Tempore Mike Schulz said at the time: “This is not a presumption of guilt or innocence. The Oklahoma Senate has full faith that the judicial system will play out appropriately and bring this matter to a lawful conclusion.

“This resolution reserves the right of the Oklahoma Senate to pursue further action if more facts come to light.

“It would be inappropriate to comment any further due to the pending investigation.”

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OP also likes young boy hole, so they have something in common


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The important thing to remember here is What Hikikomori pointed out. The age of consent is 16 in Oklahoma as long as you don't pay for the kiddie sex.