Trump Can't Afford His Legal Bills?

Actually, the more likely story is that Fischetti is smart enough to know Trump never pays his bills so he insisted someone else pay for him. And the RNC, so desperate to keep Orange Turd happy, stepped up.

So keep that in mind if you’ve donated money to the RNC lately, your money is being used to defend fatass from potential charges he faced for things he (a billionaire) did (or didn’t do, he’s not charged yet) before he was President.

And the grift continues.

Any day now. The walls are closing in.



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If you donate to blm it literally goes into the dnc coffers.


Republicans owe him a fuck load more than that for never, ever backing his plays and fucking over America as a whole.


This is likely it.

Any attorney repping Trump would want either a bunch of money put into an escrow account or a more reliable party to actually pay the bills.

Not sure how the GOP can spin this to their voters, but considering Trump is the most popular Republican in the country, I doubt it matters.

Ronald Fischetti is a real-deal lawyer; not Rudy shouting on TV and having dye run down his head.

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The investigation is political so it makes sense the opposing political side helps out.

Also op did you know that if you want bidens favor you just have to funnel money through hunter? Also you can buy one of hunters priceless paintings for 500,000. Not bad for crackhead art done with a straw.


Lol. Yeah he just sold a property for over 300 million but he can’t afford his legal bills. Keep going fag.

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You are a fucking tard who pedals in bullshit. How do you sleep defending pedo’s?

You have to understand that rich powerful people rarely use their money to pay for things and they always pay themselves first.