Trump first pitch vs Fauci

Pretty obvious neither of them threw much as a kid.

SMH wearing a mask outside

why do you care about what a grown man wears outside? are you gay?

Because it is part of a socialist agenda.

Whats wrong with being gay? Bigot

It goes against the science. So that makes both you and Fauci … ANTI SCIENCE! I bet you two think the moon is made of cheese as well. LOL! at you anti science losers.

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Trump played on the baseball team in college.

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Trump put it right in the mitt without effort

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This shit again

trump has claimed at various times that was a pro prospect and was the best player in new york.

at a minimum, it seems that he was a good high school player.

Is it any wonder that Fauci’s pitch went far left?


Pretty funny that you call me gay while you white knight for this dork fauci. He won’t fuck you bro