Trump Fraud Smoke (AG suit) Continues: But FL Gov. DeSackofShit won’t be Prez

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It’s beautiful how many people look at this as evidence of his love of country.

Right up there with his Bible photo op making him a Christian

He’s a dirty liar. He kisses the flag because his base whored themselves out to him.

Im down!

salsero, tell us all exactly how Trump is not clean. Tell us what he’s been convicted for, tell us just one time the left/media have proven he did something illegal. You must have something after the media,all Dems, the FBI,CIA,etc. have been accusing him of various crimes for over 7 years now

If I had anything like that I’d sell news of it to the highest bidder before turning it over to LE

In this case though, the complaint is his being called religious and patriotic due to cringe worthy photo ops with props

Civil… Civil lawsuit… AKA it means NOTHING!!!

Lol at these lefty fags, “Deeeerp deeerp we got him now, I put a bandaid on my sores, back to the gay pride parade”

I absolutely LOVE this brewing feud between Trump and Fat Ronnie.

The fact Trump went to a NYT reporter to shit on Ron on the record is the chef’s kiss to all of this.

I hope Trump is the GOP nominee. I pray he is the GOP nominee.


“Praise be with Kamala, and also with you!”

He is currently under investigation for stealing top secret classified documents. But if you’re going to hang your hat on the fact he hasn’t been convicted or even charged yet, I mean come on. He had them, he hasn’t denied he had them, refused to give them back and even had a lawyer lie that he did give them back.

There’s multiple crimes there, with no valid defense. Tried to overturn an election too. Also ran a fraudulent “university” and a fraudulent charity. But I know, in Trumpland he’s literally Jesus Christ but in reality, “clean”? Come on, man.

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He is the subject of multiple state, city, and federal investigations. No convictions yet since nothing has gone to trial.

  • Trump Org. was criminally indicted in Manhattan and is facing trial later this year.
  • Trump Org., DJT, and his family were sued by the NYAG who sent referrals to SDNY and the IRS.
  • Federal investigation into stealing classified documents
  • Federal investigation into inciting insurrection
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Is this the second or third thread with same theme In last 24 hours.

Talk about rent free.

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TDS is a hell of a drug

You are trolling hard!! LOL

They are all dirty you leftist slut. And I would argue that he is easily the least dirty of DC elite douches. SO if they are all dirty (which they are) why is there so many slanderous investigations which have no actual indictments against Trump? The answer my friend is obvious unless you are suffering TDS.

Are those convictions?

Let me get this one for you… No they are not.

Again, nothing has gone to trial yet so of course there aren’t any convictions.

How can there be a conviction for an indictment (Trump Org. in Manhattan) that has yet to go to trial?

This is such a weird angle for Trumptards.

The question was what has he been convicted for? Your answer as is usual for your kind was purposefully disingenuous.

The answer is nothing has gone to trial yet, so there isn’t a conviction or acquittal.

Not sure why you are confused about this.

Again, his company is facing a criminal trial this year. Do you want me to bump this thread if/when Trump Org is convicted?

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a bunch of incels that get no pussy worrying and posting about a man that doesn’t know them or care about them because they think their “gang” is the better gang. Losers

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What a disingenuous douche you are. Yeah do that. LMAO!!!