Trump Gets Out Of Facebook Prison on 01/2023

Facebook will be dead by then.


should be a permanent ban

His cult will be pleased.

Just in time to run again.

The TDS cult loves him more than any conservative ever could.


They just cannot stop talking about him. I don’t think one person has peacefully broke so many individuals in history.

Somebody quick tell Donnie about the fags of OG. he wouldn’t hesitate

Like him or not, what a weird arbitrary date, what would now vs. then change. What is the reasoning. So stupid.

What ever happened to TrumpBook?

Fuck Facebook.

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Yeah, poor supporters

After the mid terms

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Lol see what I mean.

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I wonder if something important is happening around, I dunno, November 2022?

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Interesting how the lefty idiots constantly called trump a fascist yet it is they who behave like fascists. Instead of free college, free money and free abortions y’all ought to be clamoring for free dictionaries.

And fuck facebook, fuck mark Zuckerberg and fuck the center for tech and civic life.


Haha, oh yeah. Soooo makes perfect sense then.

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