Trump has a good bit of blame for the current banking crisis

He’s not the only one, but he fucked up for sure


People are so ass backwards. The banks did stupid shit, let em die and lessons be learned. Less regs, please. The only thing keeping this going is govt bail outs. You don’t run your business into the ground if you’re a normal person. Ask any local businesses owner.


Yup… all trumps fault…



Profits are private.

Losses are socialized.

You have to blame the bailouts, which have been happening since the creation of the Fed.

There is ZERO incentive for a bank to be fiscally conservative or responsible when they know they’ll be bailed out by the tax payer, bought by a larger institution or a combination of the two.


It’s been nearly 3 years… BIDENS AMERICA.

I didn’t make the rules!


Didn’t Barney Frank (the “Frank” in the Dodd-Frank Act), who was on the board of Signature Bank when it collapsed on the heals of SVB collapsing. Didn’t he say Trump’s roll back had little to do with the banks collapsing? I vaguely remember that from the time of the SVB and Signature Bank collapses

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He definitely said something but nobody could understand him with a set of nuts in his mouth.


they’re gonna kill this guy


Ok ok it’s Trumps fault that the banks did not control their greed and risk, after all they (bankers) are only paid millions in salary to do so……

Leftoids can never accept the blame for anything….

Exhibit A: It’s not the mass shooters fault, it’s the guns fault.

Exhibit B: No no we did not cheat in the election, uncounted votes just miraculously appeared at 2am….

Exhibit C: no no the mentally deranged tranny is in fact fact a women due to her 6 inch female penis, but it’s society that caused the outburst.

Exhibit D: we are all equal…… except for Asians and whites that want to go study…

Exhibit E: when we silence you it’s called ‘removing hateful speech, when you do it is ‘censorship’….

Exhibit F: nowhere ever has socialism worked…. Every leftoid on the planet ‘This time we will get it right, and it wasn’t our fault it failed’


Hey HEY! You watch your mouth calling @nek a leftoid. He’s probably top 5 biggest shit for brains MAGAtards on this site. I won’t have you besmirching his name like that.

@nek I gotchu fam :wink:

Corporate Socialism.

RFK is the only hope for the US. Biden and Trump are utter fucking retards that are gimp slaves.

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This would be considered an insult if you hadn’t repeatedly advertised your room temperature IQ on multiple occasions.



That’s your opinion? It ain’t mine.

everyone please read this twice


That was a little rude, buddy. I forgive you

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They’re STILL saying “but Trump!!!”


No leftist has ever done anything wrong ever lol


Trump changed the regulations but he didn’t prevent the Fed from stress-testing banks or from banks following the rules of the Fed. What’s happening today is due to Bidens Fed, not Trump.


It’s sort of a family tradition

What a shock.

lol @ the “US”

You mean the bought and paid for government.