Trump investigated for Espionage Act, Obstruction

And this is why you and people like you are the perfect marks. If you do not think that the powers that be tell any and every facet of the federal gov’t what statement to put out to the masses and when to do it, then there really is nothing else to say.

“Just trust them bro. THEY wouldn’t be involved in the corruption that permeates our federal government. Not a chance.”

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Garland still feeling salty lmao

Do you think its appropriate for Trump to accept money and do business with the country involved in 9/11 for their golf tournament? For his son-in-law to take 2 billion from them? I question why someone who is so concerned about political corrupt has a blind spot when it comes to the orange man. I want all corrupt politicians to be held accountable, including Trump.


Lol the fucking Epstein magistrate freak who signed off on this warrant has a documented social media history of rabid anti-trump content too.

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I liked what Trump stood for and how he wasn’t a lifelong government parasite, but fuck is he retarded.


Loud noises.

Took classified documents and presidential records, kept them illegally, refused to return them. At the minimum.

You could have just looked at the receipt of what they took.


Which documents? Refused? At the minimum? Have you verified this?

Meanwhile you find more believable the pathological liar who has changed his story 20 times in the last 24 hours and claims without a hint of evidence that Obama stole 33 million documents. And yet while president himself, Trump did…nothing about it? Even though Obama “probably” had “lots” of “nuclear” documents in what he stole?

Not a mark though, not you!


He hasn’t been charged with anything yet. And despite your confidence I don’t think anyone really knows what’s going on yet.

CopyPasteHero you’re a funny guy. Keep being you.

Yes, I’m sure. I don’t know which documents, but he has admitted they seized boxes of classified documents so I’m not sure what other conclusion you could possibly reach other than that he “had classified documents”.

And yes, refused to return them, which I also know because… they were still on his property at the time they seized them, 18 months after he became an ordinary citizen, hurr durr.


Any walls are day closing now in

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Lol. Your confidence in this whole thing is cute.

Please don’t change, even if the facts crush your narrative.

Can you tell us what buzzfeed says about all this please

You realize you’ve gone through this multiple times the last 6 years.

And you’ve had to switch screen names 3 times (that we know about) because you’ve been wrong every time

You keep going all in and losing badly but somehow you continue to stay in the game and go broke again

At some point you should look in the mirror and decide doing this isn’t for you.

You’re not good at thinking things through and get caught up in the media lies and spin

take a breath go outside

There will be another fake trump story when you get back

Serious question: Which of the two parts are you skeptical of?

  1. That the FBI seized boxes of classified documents and presidential records from Mar a Lago?

  2. Or that it’s illegal for Trump to have those?

False dichotomy.

Have either of those statements been made by DOJ?

Edit: has it been established through statements by DOJ that Trump violated the law in some way?

The receipt of what they took, signed by the agents and Trump’s lawyer, includes classifed documents up to Top Secret, and presidential records (such as Roger Stone pardon order).

You can look at the federal statutes to see that it’s illegal for any of that to be kept by Trump.

So again, which of those two things are you skeptical of?

  1. That the FBI seized boxes of classified documents and presidential records from Mar a Lago?
  2. Or that it’s illegal for Trump to have those?

Tell me why you’re so sure Trump is going to prison over this.