Trump investigated for Espionage Act, Obstruction

Good sir, even Murdoch-owned media (WSJ) are acknowledging the gravity of the situation.

I have a couple questions for you CPH:

  1. Have any previous administrations, specifically in recent administrations, been found to have removed classified information?

  2. If so, was it illegal then?

Where did I say that? But you said it’s funny I’m “confident” of what I said, so yet again, which part are you NOT confident of?

  1. That the FBI seized boxes of classified documents and presidential records from Mar a Lago?
  2. Or that it’s illegal for Trump to have those?

Lol at you you pedo

So you don’t think Trump will be prosecuted over this?

It is incredible to me that the MSM is taking this seriously. How many fucking times have they been fooled? The Feds couldn’t get away with this is the media called them out on the 10th try. This is a joke and the country is fucked.

lol just saw this edit. Too funny. “We should not believe anything the DOJ says, but also even if Trump admits he had stuff marked classified and even if we know that’s illegal, we shouldn’t believe it unless DOJ makes a statement”


I do think he will. I don’t know it though, whereas I do know that he had classified material and presidential records, and that that is illegal - because both of those things are public.

Why do you keep ducking the simple question?

I never said any of that.

Seems like this situation has maybe happened before, maybe in 2016?

What is the “it” in your statement?

Whatever you say.
There haven’t been any statements from prosecutors yet declaring what their intent is.

Wrong again. They stated what crimes they were investigating, and what evidence they seized of those crimes.

Hey Orcus I’m going to bed. Good luck with trying to get Trump.


Good thread on the logic of classified documents:

Remember this last night?


Remember this?

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Yup. Shits over man for sure.

Why are you dodging my question? Explain your blind eye for Trump. If you truly care about political corruption this dude should be on your list as a target. Could it be perhaps that you’re a partisan shill?