Trump investigated for Espionage Act, Obstruction

Oh that poor child gonna be in therapy for the rest of his life


The ironing is thick in this post.

I think the strongest arguement is about those documents. Not the classification or the nuclear secrets…ect I think that’s the media taking us for a ride.

The whole espionage act of mishandling and destroying documents stem from those documents and probably that an informant said trump was destroying or mishandling them.

I think they have a reasonable arguement about having the docs and possibly obstruction.

I can see mishandling if there’s still documents found that the FBI and NARA weren’t aware of in June .

Do you guys think Trump will testify during his trial?

There won’t be a trial, so no.

He only answered 1 question during his deposition so what do you think?

How is it the medias fault? Trump was the one who announced the raid, making himself a victim, and calling it partisan. The trump brigade went on and on about how it was the end of america, we’re a banana republic, etc.

Then he leaked the warrant to breitbart and other publications. Hes also changed his story how many times?


While we are all argueing about this the dems are passing a massive spending package that is going to fuck the middle class.

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I like how it was “Inflation Reduction Act” before passing, and now it is a Climate Bill LOL.

Great branding. Gotta love it.


The media is running with grandiose claims that aren’t confirmed when. If you look at all the reporting it essentially boils down to just possessing documents and the FBI being told there are docs that perhaps should not be in his possession and possibly being mishandled.

The classification and documents are really irrelevant and it boils down to him breaking NARA laws and what informant is feeding them.

Likely scenario trump took a bunch of shit. NARA found out some things were missing and subpoenad and took the docs. FBI investigated maralago in June and said ok shit looks ok throw an extra padlock on but left other docs behind.

FBI continues to discuss with trump but then get word of having docs he should not/mishandling/destroying and trump stops working with the FEDs so they raid.

They take all the boxes that were already left and media and us run rampant with speculation.

Also someone in Florida, a local reporter, tweeted about the raid before Trump and said he can’t cover it because it’s over his head.

Lol wow

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It’s more so breaking the NARA law. He’s guilty for that. Classification status is irrelevant.

If he has something he was supposed to turn over to NARA in June that he did not and stopped cooperating with the FEDs that right there is obstruction and he broke NARA laws which could land him 3 years in addition to obstruction. Doesn’t have to be classified or not.

The classification shit is being blow out of proportion by you guys and the media and is likely going to be mishandling (possibly destruction) but it’s not going to be from sharing nuclear secrets… Like some here seem to believe

Also people are aware there is a SCIF at maralago, right?

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I think it is important to keep in mind that DOJ is not actively looking for a reason to prosecute Donald Trump.

That said, they are going to let the investigation lead to where it may, and that is potentially criminal charges.

But we need to remember that this isn’t a situation where the Attorney General wants to prosecute Trump.

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Although it’s certainly possible that’s the obstruction referred to, we do not know.

The presidential records and classified are two different types of documents and two different crimes, I’m not sure why you are handwaving the classified side of things.

Who could enter it, given that Trump lost his clearance on Jan 20 2021?

Cause the classified part is the only thing left in limbo. They took documents that were left from after inspection from June. So I’m not surprised they retrieved documents with those markings, because it’s likely some were left behind. Were they previously unclassified docs? Unfortunately we won’t know until we know what the docs are without seeing them.

So the only thing right now that I can see trump easily go down for is the FEDS finding records that trump was supposed to turn over in June and then lying and refusing to let them in. Obstruction and NARA violation right there regardless of the document. Easiest it to move forward on. Now will the DOJ? Who knows. If he’s guilty fucking do it and set the precedent and start charging the other ones for it too.

The classified documents/selling I’m more doubtful on because the supposed safe was empty. This is where all the murkiest of reporting is.

And it would make sense after Jan 6th but they strip him of security clearances?

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I believe that they simply didn’t extend his security privileges after he left office. Same result

I know some countries abuse their power and politically charge their opponents (see Russia and Ukraine) but I’m more than. Welcome to charging President’s that have gone through the legal system

and with midterms lurking around the corner…coincidental y’all