Trump is live in Alabama

Who are you voting for in 2024?

  • Biden
  • Trump

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Damn that shits empty.

Watching it . Entertaining is his wheelhouse

Lol I’m in stitches right now, ROFL

He just said they [the United States] had Afghanistan in “total control”.

Trump’s own defense secretary just said a couple days ago they had no intention of ever leaving Afghanistan. Now Trump’s campaign is gonna push the whole “We woulda done the thing Biden actually did that we said we’d do but never did better than Biden did.”

No Americans dead in 2 years is in total control of Afghanistan in 20 years fat.


Come on that was 4 days ago fat

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“Everything woke turns to shit”


lol can’t argue with that


He’s Alive in Alabama?

OP updated with poll. I gotta run, crap. Will watch the rest later. Oddly entertaining watching cults.

So great nytron is watching. Lol thanks for the heads up fat

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I’m enjoying his speech but I wish Trump was just a little better at optical awareness.

Stories of full ICUs in the south and you hold a rally, it just leaves you open for the easy hit pieces.

Granted CNN literally put on a concert today, but they’ll still run a story on Trump being irresponsible.

He’s off to a DNC meeting to get his latest talking points to defend this dumpster fire of an administration.


Somebody’s gotta clean up their shit.

If CNN can host a super spreader event, So can Trump

Same difference as Mike Lindell’s rants. Both are losing credibility and moving towards obscurity. It would actually be better for their reputations to just be quiet for a while.

donald trump rnc GIF by Election 2016

Cant stop, wont stop. Wokerica’s days are numbered fat boy!

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Lol I hate the DNC more than probably anyone. I lowkey wish death upon Tom Perez. Tom Perez and the corrupt DNC ignored the will of the voters and literally ensured that Biden was the nominee.

Luv Trump.

he would have.

He scorched mother fuckers who were aggressive with us you little pussy.

He would have gotten out of Afghanistan like he promised?

Now you’re saying he’d stay in the forever war, like his own defense secretary just said days ago.

Which is it?