Trump Mar A Lago currently under siege by the FBI

For those who forgot, this is what public statements/tweets look like from a normal, sane President:

In contrast, samples of statements promoted by the previous utterly insane, and growing more creepy and insane president:

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brandon makes no sane comments. In fact, nothing he does is sane.

You’re just another rapacious faggot.

And Kash Patel, Trump’s right hand guy, who is the one Trump purportedly “told he declassified all the documents”…is appearing on podcasts with Qanon loonie biblical prophets.

LOL at anyone who tries “whataboutism” with respect to Biden. Trump’s depths of lunacy are bottomless.


Yes, how dare Trump not give his support for lgbt degeneracy, open the borders, and ruin the economy. That fucking lunatic!!!

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Ghislaine Maxwell, when she was arrested for child sex trafficking, and he supported her by wishing her “very well”?


I think he called the white supremacists in Charlottesville very fine people?

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I think he told the people that attempted a coup on jan 6 that he loved them.

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Well, you’ve made it abundantly clear that you need a strong leader.
This is a common trait for weak sheep puppets.
Can’t fucking hold their own, floating in a sea of insecurities.


Sounds like projection from the guy who’s claim to fame is calling everyone a pedo.

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You should tattoo that on yourself, as you are clearly projecting.

Yeah, but that is because you are retarded. You should try not to think, because like in this instance, you are almost always wrong.

You’ve made it abundantly clear that you are a retard that wants some limp wristed faggot LGBTQPEDOMAP+ for a leader.
This is common for weak pedo fucks.
Can’t do shit on their own, so they want leaders that display the same traits.

Sounds like bullshit from an “ex” KKK, current racist, current pedo defending little bitch. Remember, I don’t call everyone a pedo or pedo defender, just bitches like you that defend pedos or are pedos.

P.S. Like the whore about to post below. :slight_smile:

Come up with something of essence instead of disturbing language or just remain seated.

And for the record, Trump is not a strong lesder, he’s a very insecure man - hence your attraction to him.


Lonely ranch hand the worlds lamest name caller.

Back to why your leader is losing at every turn.

He’s not feeling as good as Hillary is right now.

Trump did verbally support LGBTQ (not much in policy, tho), and had LGBTQ representation in his admin. We had migrant caravans invading the Southern border for three years under Trump (his words, not mine), and the economy barely grew faster than it did under Obama, and that was with 0% interest rates, tax breaks, and Obama inheriting two rough years from the '08 crisis. Also, Biden’s first year GDP growth fucking dwarfed any year Trump had; even with how rough this year is going, he still may average more GDP growth than Trump by the end of the presidency at this pace.



I did. It isn’t my fault you are too stupid to understand.

Pipe down retard, I am busy insulting those with a slightly higher IQ than potato.

Donald Trump GIF by Election 2016

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