Trump vindicated! Fraud finally found!

He is still loud and active.

every objection was thrown out of the courts, including by judges appointed by Trump.

the fact that you brought up some film made by a well known grifter leads me to believe even you dont believe there was any fraud by the democrats.

“This guy dropped ballots in the box and then took a picture of the ballot box!”

Only legitimate fraud we’ve seen so far is from the Trumptards! LMAO.

broke who? the people caught on video? Trump broke them so bad that they went as far as disguising themselves as fake electors to steal the election for Trump. Unbelievable. Glad you agree.

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Not as amazing as a Canadian incel spending 14 hours a day obsessing over US politics.

You could be a welder, electrician and a plumber in the time you’ve wasted in here chasing the dragon.

I love that there are ~20x the threads shitting on liberals or Biden, but Sharp wants to point out some important news and it’s all TDS again. Gaslighting level 10.

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You and people like you.

He’s been gone almost two years. Let it go. The orange man can’t hurt you.

No, he isn’t.

I haven’t heard word one from the guy in 18 months or better.

Sorry you’re not paying attention. He’s campaigning, raising money, doing rallies. He stops and stops pushing his agenda, no one will care about him.

VD’s should be brought back for this thread.