Trump will be ‘Front Row Donald’ at 296 to Cheer for Covington

Trump is sure to be in attendance once again to watch his favorite fighter

After Colby Covington made the decision to adopt a bad guy persona on the last fight of his contract against Demian Maia in Brazil, there was no turning back.

From October 28, 2017 onwards he’s become known as one of the most controversial figures in the promotion.

Covington’s heel turn also somewhat aligned with a huge moment in American history that also took place in the same year, which would then go on to become a definitive part of his character.
If you asked people what they associate most with Covington at this stage in his career, many would give you the same answer: Donald Trump.

His support of the 45th president of the United States quickly became one of his defining characteristics, which only made him a bigger talking point and even more divisive amongst the fans.

Now, one former UFC champion believes that Trump may be able to repay the favour by helping ‘Chaos’ to become the welterweight champion at UFC 296.

While it frankly wouldn’t feel right to see “Chaos” compete for the welterweight title for a third time without the former President sitting front row, Michael Bisping believes it may also give the challenger an edge.

“The Count” believes that all of the energy that Covington has put into Trump in linking their careers together might finally pay off for him in his clash with Leon Edwards.

Elite-level MMA can come down to a game of inches and Bisping thinks that Trump’s aura might be that extra little push to get fans behind

“Listen, here’s a little x-factor for Colby Covington, and you can make of this what you will, but I do believe it’s going to give Colby a little bit of an x-factor. Donald Trump is going to be in the building. Colby Covington is Donald Trump’s favourite fighter. Now if you’re English, that doesn’t mean a god damn thing but in America, a lot of people worship Donald Trump and he’s going to be in the building. He’s going to be supporting him and Colby is walking out with the suit. He’s got the suit, he’s got the mug shot of Donald Trump on the back of it, Trump has signed it and I’m telling you right now, Colby Covington is walking into that arena with Donald Trump superpowers.”