Trump's ACTUAL scandals

Who gives a shit, let them stay in Mexico if they are desperate and need to leave their country (which is most likely socialist or communist).

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There’s no scandal court, einstein. Its not predicated on admission of guilt or some sort of public certainty. The Clinton scandals didn’t become scandals the moment when all facts were agreed to and not a minute before.

Again, this is just more of the same. This weird, obsessive desire to defend and deflect even if it means totally redefining terms and ignoring established definitions that we accept everywhere else.

But, you do you. It’s totally not a scandal. All prior issues are wrong. You got me!

Yes, but the Clinton scandal was TRUE… Stormy D story is the exact opposite and hasn’t been confirmed.

One is an actual scandal, and one is all in your head tearing you up inside (apparently).

Which scandal? Clinton never admitted exposing himself to Paula jones, so that must not have happened and isn’t a scandal. Right?

calm down little fella. It’s going to be aaaaallllright. Take a tranquilizer.

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Oh I don’t know… popping one of his Macanudos inside his interns pussy while in the oval office. That was confirmed…

Unlike the uncorroborated extortion attempt by Stormy.

Yeah Trump paid Stormy $130000 for what then? Seriously SO GULLIBLE. I mean cringe levels of gullible. It makes my skin crawl to think people buy into this crap. Then to say it in public. Do you have conversations like this in real life or do you bite your lip a bit and hold it in? You have to know… you just have to have some inkling you are getting played. I hope you do.

And 39 billion just set aside for their college

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False. Undocumented laborers qualify for almost no government assistance yet they do pay a considerable amount of taxes. This is pure propaganda. They only qualify for a handful of state benefits in states where they comprise a relatively huge contribution to the labor force. Some estimate 5% of the nations GDP is provided through undocumented labor.

Was it proven? Or just another media gotcha that didn’t pan out…

It panned out you dipshit. It’s not illegal to fuck a porn start while your wife is home pregnant. The payoff was questionable and the source of that money could have been suckers like you… but they had bigger fish to fry then determining if Trump really fucked the woman he paid $130k to.

Cringey bud. Cringey levels of stupid.

Did you get that from Wikipedia too? Lmao

What’s funny is you can’t say for sure it happened, so…

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I’m always amazed at what point you guys think you are making

Similarly like someone defending and deflecting for Creepy and Hunter? Please purchase a mirror this weekend.


Of course, they don’t really believe that. I don’t think they even really understand why they make the arguments they do. They are just compelled to defend and deflect by whatever means no matter what. Then they are owning the left. And that is good. That is what it comes down to.

Truly, truly a sad way to carry yourself, imo.

No, not similarly. I don’t need to redefine terms and avoid applying my thinking to other obvious scenarios just to carry on some sort of insane, compelled defense.

I’ve repeated said the way biden acts toward others is creepy. I agree with that categorization.

Who cares?

Over 300 replies and the resident lefties can’t come up with ANYTHING?

Trump must have been the greatest president of all time!

I don’t. I didn’t give a fuck that Clinton got a BJ either. Rich men cheat on their wives all the time. I am not looking for a saint in a leader I am looking for somebody competent. I just think it’s a obscene level of stupidity to sit here and argue he didn’t fuck her but the cheapest billionaire in the world that stiffs everyone and gets sued 24/7 for it paid her $130K for nothing. It’s the type of argument you make if you don’t care about your credibility or are crazy unaware of how moronic your are coming off. After making an argument like that how can anybody take anything you say seriously? It’s dumb. It’s can’t scratch your own ass with a bobcat in each hand dumb.

Dumb is not in fashion anymore bud. It’s 2021 and this isn’t a Trump rally.

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Hahaha this is the dumbest saying I’ve ever heard… and someone who isn’t donkey brained could figure out how to scratch their ass in that scenario…

All this yappin man… you still can’t find a valid scandal.