Trump's Protester Problem

Great article on how the BLM people and the media work together to undermine Trump rallies.

As a general rule, far right-wing protesters did not systematically disrupt Sen. Obama's rallies and, as a result, dominate press coverage of those events. Now, the far left-wing version of that disruption has become the story of many Trump gatherings.

The protesters who come to Trump's events, many of them affiliated with some arm of the Black Lives Matter movement, have refined their techniques. It goes like this: They come to a rally, settle into the crowd, and then one of them begins yelling loudly, causing the crowd to react — usually with a chant of "Trump! Trump! Trump!" — and then the protester tries to make the inevitable security removal as long and as noisy as possible.

Only after all that is done does another protester repeat the process. Then yet another protester does it. With sequential removals, a small group of demonstrators can screw things up for quite a while.

The cumulative effect is that Trump's events come to be viewed from the protesters' perspective. How were they treated? Was security heavy-handed? Was the crowd ugly and racist? How did Trump react? There's less discussion from the perspective of the thousands of people who came to see Trump who were angry, or perhaps just annoyed, that a small but noisy group felt justified in messing up the event they've taken the trouble to attend. That's a story, too.

Much more at the link.

I went to a Sanders rally and BLM was there to disrupt it.

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I don't have a problem with that. Political events in the US are too stage managed

That's the problem with the left. They try to shout you down when they don't like what you're saying. Phone Post 3.0

Do people realize how unpopular the blm movement is?

I almost suspect this is trump doing this, and it would be brilliant if it was him. Trying to shut trump up would only push his popularity up. Phone Post 3.0

Crybullies. You don't have the right to say things they don't like.

Should start giving them real charges. Will end quickly. Phone Post 3.0