Trump's toxic incompetence on COVID still killing folks

Sad but true

Trump downplayed the risk of COVID and the importance of vaccines. He gave out So many lies and so much misinformation. It’s hard for Biden and scientists to reach the MAGAfools with evidence and reason on vaccines as many are too brainwashed by Trump.

So now that the new COVID spikes in hospitals and dying are almost all unvaccinated folks.

So Trump’s COVID body count continues to rise.


Someone needs to share reality with the MAGAfools here.

The OG isn’t a safe space for Alt Right conspiritard nonsense.



Sad tactic of blaming the guy that got the vaccines done and to market at warp speed for the poor no performance of the current regime.


As much as I think Trump is at fault for a lot, vaccine hesitancy can’t be pinned to just partisan divides.


Damn, my house is a mess.
Whoever lived here 8 months ago was a real slob.


I realize I’m responding to a troll post but you wouldn’t have a vaccine if it weren’t for Trump, pal.


He’s gone. Move on.

This was not a reply to bignightmare. Not sure why it quoted that post.


Can we celebrate a "no Trump thread, no Biden thread on the OG " just once a year?


Btw, this “pandemic” has zero to do with the unvaccinated.


Interesting point

I hope they publish the demographics of folks who don’t get the vaccine so we have a better sense

But it’s not just who you voted for. Trump lied and misled folks so much about COVID and the vaccine it clearly undermined folks confidence in vaccines.

In fairness Dems played some politics too

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why would anybody listen to Joe Biden talk about a vaccine ? He has no medical credentials . He is a career politician who knows absolutely nothing about vaccines .

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This is a counter thread to one claiming the new spike is Biden’s fault.

I do think it’s very fair to remind folks of Trump’s toxic lies and incompetence in handling COVID.

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Any evidence to back your feelings?

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Stupid thread by a stupid poster.


Two simple questions O Smart one.

What percent of current infections are unvaccinated? Hospitalizations? Deaths?

Who has consistently undermined confidence in vaccines?

Game. Set. Match. Reality


The only demos you really need are the most recent election results to realize this isn’t solely a Trump issue. For instance, in Dallas Co., AL it is mathematically impossible to blame mostly Trumptards for the low vaccination rate.

NYC is also a perfect example of this. Staten Island (aka GOP’s NYC stronghold) has a higher vaccination rate than both Brooklyn and The Bronx.

Why are Biden voters so hesitant to take the vaccine? It isn’t logical to blame that on Trump, who is completely ghosted from the mainstream public eye at this point.

The WH has a full-court press to boost vaccination rates and there is a multi-tiered coordination effort between government, media, and the entertainment industry to push vaccination. You can’t blame Trump because Biden voters are refusing the jab.

When did Trump ever lie about vaccines? He lied a lot about COVID, but to his credit has never lied about the efficacy of vaccines, or even the timetable for their release.


Fauci’s gain of function research is responsible for the virus and, therefore, every single death


Super spreaders. Reps for the welfare leeching democrats


EasyG just made more of his animal family members are being killed off :joy:


You mean got an untested vaccine released upon the public.