Trump's toxic incompetence on COVID still killing folks

I would love to engage in a real conversation about this but it’s hardly worth it when one side just ignores anything brought to the table that opposes their viewpoint

How many times has easygrease asked for facts, gotten them and then completely ignored them, only to cry magaloser or Magafool? This scum baits people with a troll thread but then cries “don’t get emotional”. And THEN cries irony!

Be careful not to feed trolls too much

Sadly you folks haven’t replied to data I posted that shows Trump voters have significantly lower vaccination rates then Biden voters.

Can you address that data and reality?

This is a good chance to address the actual evidence

Yep blame trump


Democratic doubt

There is a reason they’re all registered in Delaware or South Dakota. But I can’t quite put my finger on it.

Lol those who know…know.

That’s fucking RICH coming from you.

lmao lol GIF by Hyper RPG

Still waiting for a well reasoned response to this data…

Actually I said folks working on getting people vaccinated should behave that way.

I am not doing such work

Still waiting for a serious reply to data I posted…

You’ve got many answers. U just ignore them

Not evidence based answers. Just opinions and feelings without data


Tons of statement showing doubt of the vaccine from both parties yet you just want to ha f onto your little statistic without examining the underlying cause giving those statistics.

I mean I know you might fear Covid. From what I understand you might be slightly overweight. I think that’s the impression I got form the discussion of your dating profile. Pushing past 40 as well? Scary business

Maybe we can discuss your fEEEEEEEEEELings.

Take a seat on the couch over there. Therapy time

So you have no evidence to back your theories…

You can do better

My feelings and your feelings are irrelevant.

It’s all about the evidence and science, O Wise One

Now with trump out of office their viewership is going down. Guess all the trumpers not watching the news cause trumps not it in anymore must have got their info from them


EASYREEEE looks like a maroon on here again

LOL will he ever stop with the FAIL?

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