Trust ME, Tito will kill Charles..

I love all of the people that actually believe Chuck has a chance. Believe me, this will look like Tito versus Bohlander, Mezger, Vladdy, etc.

He is not gonna strike with Chuck too much, and chuck doesn't really have the one punch KO power anyway.

Tito, will take Chuck down AT WILL. Once they are there it will be Chuck on his back, up against the cage getting mauled.

This will go on for a couple of rounds until Chuck really gasses. Then you will see Chuck getting battered and cut by Tito's GnP.

Ref stoppage in 3'rd round.

I am making this guarantee. Out of 1,000 fights, Tito wins 999.

Bring this up the day after the fight and see if I was wrong!

By calling him charles do you feel cool?

I agree with Swayze

let me be the first to actually say it... your out of your damn mind.. You saying he will take chuck down at will lets me know just how much you really dont know...
and "By calling him charles do you feel cool?" was pretty damn funny..

"Out of 1,000 fights, Tito wins 999. "

trust me, that quote will be heard a lot when chuck lands that "lucky" shot and lays tito out in the first...

"By calling him charles do you feel cool?"

Yes, please answer that. You think being obnoxious is going to get you more attention?

LOL @ Charles's take on 'Charles'

Doesn't seem like you've built up a lot of trust on this forum.

Tito wins 999 out of 1,000?

No way, you can learn alot from a loss.Chuck would put all the pieces together and find a way to beat him.

I thought you were serious until you said Chuck doesn't have one punch KO power! LOL!!!

From the thread title, I thought Tito was coming after me.

Chuck does not typically have heavy hands for a striker. Sure he is better than Joe NCAA wrestler, but for a dude that makes his money striking....he doesn't have the power of say a Yvel, or even Freeman.

His name is Charles correct. I know his nick-name is Chuck, but that usually is short for Charles. I can see how such a statement could be seen as "obnoxious" when you are swinging from the sack of a fighter about to get their ass handed to them.

Who will you band-wagoner's be saying is gonna kill Tito after he destroys Chas (cool, huh)?

I will take it one step further!

I will tell you how confident I am that Tito wins:


That goes for not only this name, but tbftne, beast from ne, and moosedupont and any others as well.

I will stick to the other forums (OG, boxing, etc), but not return for one year (365 days).

I would not post this if I had any doubt as to the outcome.

Charles McCarthy would have a much more realistic shot at beating Tito than Charles "Chuck" Lidell -- and I'm serious about that.

remember tito couldnt take him down in training and ate strikes like cereal

"remember tito couldnt take him down in training and ate strikes like cereal "

This is great! Training.....Training....

Remember that word on April 2'nd when you are pissed about spending $30 on that crap performance by Chuck.

I believe PRINCE CHARLES would have a better shot than Chas Liddell....I really do.

I am gonna wait and see, I think both guys are talented and I could see how both guys could give the other problems. Either way I am rooting for Chuck. I think it should be a great fight, and I hope that people show respect on here to both fighters after the fight.

"I feel like the pimp shit saying it"

what-up Snoop-Dog! WTF?



What's the deal with people being so sure about an event that has so many variables that they feel they must brag about this over-confidence? I asked a buddy of mine who is a psychologist, and he said most of the time people like this are overcompensating for their feelings of inadequacy due to the incredibly small size of their genitalia.

Chuck is a great fighter and his biggest strength (IMHO) has been his ring generalship. His ability to know where he is and how to maneuver his opponent where he wants him. Randy studied him, figured him out, and shut him down. (That is Randy's biggest strength).

Rampage took that page out of Randy's playbook and beat Chuck the same way.

So if Chuck hasn't changed his approach, I think Tito will probably win. But I understand Chuck has been training with different people and has probably altered his game accordingly. If so, it's going to be as competitive a match as we've seen.