Truth Vale Tudo Shorts Sale (pics)

For everyone looking for a quality bargain on fight shorts, I just started selling grappling / vale tudo shorts under my Truth Fightwear brand. As those of you who have purchased my gloves know, I give as good or better quality than the name brands at a killer price.Features include:-Double flat lock stitching on all critical seams
-2" elastic inside the waist and inside the leg cuffs to keep everything secure and from riding around
-2-layer construction: heavy duty lycra outer layer and softer inner liner for comfort
-Long lasting printing
-Gusseted crotch for durability and ease of movement

Best of all, at $17.99 plus $5 Priority Mail shipping I think it's a great deal for the money. I ship to the UK, Europe, Oz, Canada, and Asia via Airmail post for no additional charge. Check the feedback on here and the UG for my gloves, and on ebay under my seller account (paul.erickson) - I ship quick and take care of customers.I also have a combo deal of 2 pairs for $36 shipped, which is a $10 savings off the regular shipped price for 2 pair. Check it out. Thanks.Paul

They look cool. Good luck!

Look nice. Do you have a size chart (waist size range = appropriate size)?

good shit!

Thanks for the crotch close up.

Looks good.


thanks, I'll have a sizing chart soon.


Do you do any deals for teams (and/or sponsor teams)... If not, any better deals if I were to order 10 or more pairs?

ThrowU - right now I dont sponsor anyone, I'll probably be able to afford to near the end of the summer. I keep the prices pretty cut to the bone so on the shorts for quantity 10 I can do $17 shipped ($170 total) per pair. Let me know what you want, email me at and I can send you a Paypal invoice so you can pay online.

Sinister Minister- the characters are Japanese kanji for "shinjitsu", or truth, in Japanese.

Actually, those will be the regular prices. Every product I bring out will be undercutting the competition by a decent margin for equivalent product.

got any plain vale tudo shorts in all black or all white?

Quick and dirty vale tudo shorts sizing chart for you guys (size followed by waist size approximation):

Small: 26-28
Medium: 28-32
Large: 32-34
XL: 34-38 (only a few pairs of XL in stock)

DOGGx0: right now, no. If they get popular enough I will have different colors/varieties.


Also, I just put up my Muay Thai shorts for $13 per pair.



Anyone who has received their orders let me know how you like the shorts. Thanks.


Great Prices!! Any plans to start carrying board style grappling shorts (a la Sprawl or HCK).

Thanks, yes eventually we will have some, trying to work out the details with the manufacturer...modifying an existing design of theirs.

Almost forgot, size XL in grappling shorts is now available.