TRX biceps curls?

Googled the subject, but couldn't find much in the way of good opinions or experiences.

My gym has a number of TRX straps, which we use often, and today, as part of a biceps routine, I threw in 4 sets of TRX biceps curls to finish things off.

I started with just bodyweight, then added a 25 lb. vest, then a 45 lb. chain across my neck, then another chain, for a total of about an extra 100 or so lbs. on top of my bodyweight.

My question is for the smarties on this board, what is your opinion of this exercise in terms of mass building? Is it worth sticking it into rotation from time to time, or is it generally a waste?

As much as I like incline dbell curls, preachers, hammers, high cable, and standard curls, I have to say, I've grown a little tired of them.

Sure, it will work. The downside is that you'll probably have to spend some juice just trying to plank out as you row vs using a preacher curl where you take the weight off your feet and hang over a bench. Phone Post