Try searching "victor dominello bell's palsy"

Try searching “victor dominello bell’s palsy” on DuckDuckGo and then on Google image search.


Anyone else experiencing this?

Just another vaccine covidcidence

Interesting, even on mobile.

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You have to click through to see actually the images. Even if you search “victor dominello” the palsy images are censored.

Some sort of weird new soft censorship technique?

What’s this all about?



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He’s some Australian politician. He was recently diagnosed with Bell’s Palsy and for some reason Google is censoring images of his condition… I wonder why that is???

Anyway, it’s a new censorship technique I haven’t come across before and I was wondering if other people knew anything about it/were experiencing it as well.

Some dipshit conspiratard just figured out that entering search terms into an online search engine will net search results.

In other news, water is still wet. Film at 11.

Whats the conspiracy? Google’s blocking images of this dudes fucked up covid vax face for what reason?

Lol at the one post calling google jewgle

Are you not bothered by the censorship? Doesn’t it make you wonder why? Don’t you want free unfettered access to the information that you search for?

If this is what is being done out in the open it makes you wonder what is being done behind our backs.

Google has a history of doing things like this with searches.

Who wanted to see his stupid face anyway?



I just tried it again and now the search results are uncensored and back to normal.

wtf is going on?