Try to Drop by the Dojo on Friday

I am coming back to Georgia for about two weeks on Thursday. As most people know, I think, I live in the land of the rising sun and as everyone knows we are always a day ahead of you bloody savages in America(This is why Japan is an economic powerhouse. Always one day in the future!).. Anyway, I will be leaving Japan on Thursday and will arrive in America on Thursday(Man, its like Im Superman or something). This means I might, probably, possibly, quite likely come by the gym on Friday. If I can make it I will probably not be training, George can make fun of me now, as I will be going to a Christmas eve service on that same night(Christmas eve service on December 24th? It`s crazy!!!). Oh, and I have a special present, read special as horribly mediocre, for version 2.5. Hope to see you guys on the 24th!