Try to pass a good open guard...

Have you ever tried to pass a good (NO-GI) open guard? This is one of the most difficult tasks. With a good open guard, you can really frustrate your opponent, then attack.

Anyone know some of the best and reliable open guard (NO-GI) passes?

I don't think there are very many videos either..

Thanks for your help

Eddie Bravo can help you.

I havn't seen bravo pass open guard at his seminars. Which techniques are you talking about?

Bravo has a sick under-pass. Most of the time, that's what I see him go for.

Also look at the "staple gun" and the tornado...might be online or in BJJ Unleashed.

step out of said opponents open guard, butt drop in ala mark hunt!

or cartwheel to side control....or throw a nice foot stomp between the open legs ala Shogun.

these are nice touches.

what was that video we had on teh UG before...of the guy...who grabbed his opponents knees and did a front tuck basically over his opponents open guard.

knee slide

I'm talking about grapplers that can lay on their back and defend the pass. You can't seem to control their hips. It's hard to explain because I obviously don't quite understand how they do it?

I'm sure a lot of people have experienced the same frustration...

margarida pass imo.

There are several guys at my gym that have amazing butterfly guards. Frustrating as shit when trying to pass. I usually try to just get them on their back and settle for half guard as opposed to getting swept.

"or cartwheel to side control...." I've actually been working on this, after seeing Sak's vid on youtube. lol. I've pulled it of twice, to North/South and to side control.
Got caught once and somehow ended up on bottom though.

try the baseball slide guard pass

try the baseball slide guard pass

The best way is to stand and pass if their butterfly/open-guard is that good. If you stay on the ground then you've got to kill one butterfly hook, I like to put my knee up straight away into the groin area. Then you can pass under on the side opposite the knee or over into half-guard by sliding the knee through.

Remember, open guard is easiest to pass - you're not gonna pass when it's closed!

I like to put my knee up straight away into the groin area. Then you can pass under on the side opposite the knee or over into half-guard by sliding the knee through.

This is exactly how I get to half when attacking someones butterfly. AS I said, it's settling for half if I can't get the Hook/cookie cutter pass, but it's better then gettting swept.

no one remembers that video? I'm pretty sure the guy posts some grappling tourney and he does a front tuck over his opponents open guard and lands in mount i think...

Nitecrawler, something I like to do is slide the knee through (my left) but leave my shin/foot on the inside of their thigh rather than slip straight into half. It's painful for them. Then I hook my right foot over onto their pinned leg, you can normally pass to side then.

But I like working submissions from on top in half-guard myself.

I rolled with Dan Henderson yesterday. He has a great open guard. His No-Gi is top notch.

Thats the "hook pass" or "Cookie cutter" that I referred to in my last post, however a lot of the times it doesn't work and I end up in half.

i'm a bjj guy, but a good punch in the face loosens the guard up a lil' unless they're rather seasoned to it.