Trying DMT tonight for the first time

Honestly very nervous, but more excited than anything. Any crazy stories, tips, ideas? Phone Post 3.0

In for the report. Phone Post 3.0

Heard it only last like 6-7 minutes? Ayahausca, however which also contains DMT can last hours.

I've heard plenty about it from Graham Hanhock and others on radio shows. Sounds pretty awesome. Oh and I've never tried it myself.

Here is a Graham Hancock quote I love, about it:

" "the brain is fundamentally a receiver of consciousness, not simply a generator of consciousness. To function in the everyday world, our brains have to be set at a certain wavelength, and have to stay pretty much tuned in to that wavelength, like a TV set tuned into a channel. But a variety of means exist (most of them long ago harnessed and exploited by shamans) by which we can change the receiver wavelength of our brains and pick up other realities which are not normally present in our daily perceptions, but are in fact there. So we can reach other dimensions that way, not through some sort of mechanistic fantasy of 21st century technology, but simply through retuning our consciousness - and perhaps that's what these shamanic hallucinogens do. The second extraordinary possibility, which I also look into in some depth, goes back to the thinking of Francis Crick. It's not a widely known fact that Crick was under the influence of LSD when he discovered the double-helix structure of DNA and that this supreme achievement of scientific rationalism, for which he won the Nobel Prize, came to him in an altered, even mystical state of consciousness. Until his death in 2004 Crick remained an atheist, deeply committed to the materialist (i.e. non-spiritual) view of reality. Nevertheless he was unable to accept that the DNA molecule could have assembled itself by accident...But if his explanation has anything to it, then it may be the case that DNA carries more than just genetic instructions. 97% of DNA we don't know what it does - scientists call it 'junk DNA'. It may be that there's some kind of message, or even a vast archive of messages, inscribed on these supposedly redundant stretches of DNA. [There is] ... solid scientific evidence that reveals an intriguing linguistic structure in junk DNA. It may also be that we can only access these messages in altered states of consciousness [or with advancements in technology]. So these are the elements of the second possibility I pursue: that we may see these universal images because they are stored in the stretches of DNA that all humans share, and that they are in a sense messages to us from our creator - whoever our creator was. Once again, common sense and logic suggests the very least we can do is enquire further into this and see. We have the means, the hallucinogens - this technology to enquire into these secret chambers inside our own minds...Or parallel universes, if that's what they are." - Graham Hancock"

"The fact that our brains produce this chemical (DMT) [in the pineal gland of the brain] and have done so for a very long time that it must have some function or part in our lives... its a natural product of the human brain...I think they want us to be focused on a very narrow strip of reality which relates to production and consumption. To turn us into robotic machines in the prevailing state system, which they so highly value, yet when we look at the ruin of the world around us today its all caused by people who are absolutely focused on the alert problem solving state of consciousness and no other state of consciousness, I think there are vast realms of experience out there. Here's where we interface with quantum physics, here's where we interface with the notion of parallel dimensions... all of this is about the possible range of human experience, most of us most of the time humans don't encounter aliens or spirits, because our consciousness is narrowly focused into the alert problem solving mentality, but if we allow our consciousness to expand if we consider the brain itself as an instrument from which we see reality, we are used to the concept of telescopes or microscopes, we will increase our ability to peer into minuscule realm with microscopes and we'll increase our ability peer into the vast distances of space with telescopes and we're quite used to enhancing our senses with mechanical devices, but what people have not thought through yet is that there may be an extraordinary way to enhance our senses by adjusting the receiver wavelengths of the brain, and that is what happens in an altered states of consciousness so the experiences we have in those states of consciousness are not 'illusions' or 'your brain on drugs', but what those experiences actually are is like applying a lens to the brain and allowing us to see more of reality than what we really see, and I think it is the powers that be don't want us to see more of reality in that way... I think we are dealing with the intelligent habitants of other dimensions...perhaps that is what the flying saucer is, its a device to break through the veil through worlds, than through interstellar space." - Graham Hancock

Interesting read Cann thanks. Ive always been blown away by the fact that DMT is is just floating around in our brains.

Ill be blasting off in a couple hours, ill report back tonight! Phone Post 3.0

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Ideas? Yes, FILM IT. Rogan says you won't remember much unless you film it and describe to the camera what you're experiencing.

Don't do drugs Phone Post 3.0

In for video Phone Post 3.0

In for video. I'm jelly. Phone Post 3.0

Wow so i feel a little anti climactic because i dont have an amazing story to tell. I didnt read the comments about video taping oneself until it was after the fact.
That being said, my buddy went first. He was wearing a headband and after taking two hits. He pulled his headband down over his eyes and slumped down on his bed. When he came to, he didnt say to much but helped me get pull ready. After inhaling as deep i could, i dont smoke and shit was harsh. I remember a floral burst of color outward from the center of my vision with a lot of spirals and color sequencing. There was this constant drip sound with a very deep thrumming in the background, kind of like a industrial fan. I remember opening my eyes at some point and coming down, closing them again and having some geometrical patterns, opening my eyes and feeling almost normal. The craziest part to me is that i felt normal within 15 minutes. I dont know if I took a deep enough hit because i dont remember anything like the trip reports from eurowid Phone Post 3.0

You let us down OP. Pack the bowl again and go for another ride. Report back once you're finished. Phone Post 3.0

keep trying

Hit it harder, OP.

In Phone Post 3.0

You're in for a treat, you better be doing enough of it Phone Post 3.0

Know how to smoke right. It's a nice trip, close your eyes and zoom!!! Phone Post 3.0

Inhale that shit like it's the last cock you'll ever suck. I've been wanting to try DMT for a long time. Just don't know the right people I guess. In for a mail DMT thread lol. Phone Post 3.0