TSN's 'Off The Record' Tomorrow

Hey guys,

Just wanted to give you the head's up for tomorrow's Off The
Record on TSN.

I'll be doing the show along with Dave Beneteau, former NHL
tough guy Jim Thompson and a yet-to-be-decided fourth guest,
but hopefully an extremely hot woman =)

If not, we can always have Kellett come to the show again which
will guarantee atleast 13 hot eighteen year old girls surrounding
the CTV building downtown.

Take care !


That's awesome JT. What are you going to be plugging?

Tell Michael, Shawn says hello....

I swear to god if JT uses the name Canario in vain, there will be hell to pay.

Thanks Antico,

I'll be plugging away on the next Apex event and TV show, MMA
in general and some upcoming tourney's and such in the area if
time permits.

It seems that after everytime I do the show you get more time at
the end to promo yourself and or your upcoming projects so
hopefully this time will be the same.

Shawn, will do bro.



LMFAO @ Canario !

Don't worry, I'd never mention anything about your recent defeat
at the Toronto Showdown ;)

...you know, the Joslin's tourney is just around the corner...


I know. I have a wrestling tournament at MacMaster the day before Joslin's. As long as I am sill able to function, expect to see me in the no-gi division.

APEX tv show!

More details please.

I think he meant to say that he will plug the next APEX event on the TV show, not the 'APEX TV show'.

And of course...have a great time bro. You know the drill: Get me on the show next time...lol.

We can battle it out on the set...:)

Sweet. I watch OTR daily.

I bet you the fourth guest will be that hot musician chick that is always on when you are on. And remember, your to give her my contact info so we can hook up (I figure I can take her husband)

And JT, can you give out some signal to all your fans on the underground? Like, say the world "interdimentional" and that will be your shout out to all of us.

or you can just say something along the lines of "Man, that Canario guy is a monster. You should really have him on the show."


I hope he trash talks the Canario before Joslins.


Joe is correct, the was my mistake, what the hell do you expect ?

I'm never up at 11:00am in the morning LOL !!!

I'll have to come up with an applicable word to the conversation to

direct towards the forum brothers. And I think you mean
"Interdimensional" do you not RKing ? If not, just shrug it off and
chalk it up to me not knowing what "Interdimentional" means LOL



Maybe you can do my 'BAM...SUPERNATURE GOD DAMN...Beastie Boy skit' as a shout out to the underground?

Or a little Pet Shop Boys...Cyndi Lauper...System of a Showdown?

I'm sending my e-mail to OTR now.

How do you use "homo pretty boy" in a sentence?


Dougie you bastid, don't hold it against me that I'm pretty and
that I beat your hero Canario on the mats in an impressive fashion

SDJ, be careful, you know what I'm verbally capable of when you
give me ideas like that, we work together so you should know this
LOL !!!


adding "stupid-head" to my e-mail to OTR

Congrats JT!
I look forward to it!

Hey Scott ! Thanks man.

Let me know the next time you'll be at the Kingdom on Friday's,
Tyler told me you were there one week, but I missed all the fun
due to my cousins wedding. He said you might be there again
soon ? Let me know bro.

You should be there on Saturday's instead, alot more entertaining
where the "action" is concerened.

Later !