Tszyu vs. Mitchell rematch tonight

Tszyu is one of the most underappreciated boxers in the sport. He's a top P4P guy, yet it seems like hardly anyone gives a shit about him. I'm not sure why.

Anyway, he's fighting a rematch with Sharmba Mitchell tonight. Finally Showtime is airing a worthwhile fight. Predictions?

I say Tszyu by KO R8.

I will take Tszyu by decision, but won't be surprised to see a KO!

I think Kosta will win, but I will be routing for Sharmba as the underdog. Books got buried with early Kosta money. Its as high as -200 at some places. I always felt it was closer to a PK with his Kosta's 2 year layoff. Time will tell.....

TTT Thanks for the heads up...I;m usually aware of most Showtime or HBO matches coming up but had forgotten Tsyzu was fighting. I still enjoy rewatching Tsyzu's knockout of that cocky punk Zab Judah when Kosta caught him and put him on queer street, with Judah doing that amazingly weird attempt to get back up and act like he wasn't hurt, then of course he pushed the ref Joe Nady I beleive it was....and bedlam ensued with Judah having to be restrained....BTW what was JUdah's punishment /suspension for that act, anyone remember?

Kosta always comes forward fighting, should be some good watching tonite...thanks again...

Shamba Mitchell is a slick, tough boxer.....but I think despite the injuries and long lay-off, Tszyu will beat him.......Kostya is one of the best fighters alive and tonight should be a great fight.

This fight is a pickem. I think Sharmba will take the early rounds until Kostya shakes off the ring rust and takes over the fight. Kostya by dec.

Sharmba will win.

Sharmba by dec.

"Tzyu koes the fag."

Ahh yes, you must be one of those wonderful people from fightsport!

I ordered Showtime yesterday mainly for the purpose of seeing this fight. I will probably keep it to see a few of their upcoming fights as well, but this one should be great! Tszyu will put Mitchell to sleep and put any doubts to rest in a huge return, much like Trinidad a few weeks ago. This one could rival it for fight of the year so far!

yep, that's about what I thought we'd see. Mitchell can knidly shut up now.

That's why you don't trash talk Kostya before a fight !


Tszyu TKO Mitchell in the 3rd round!

Westcoast is right, if Kostya was based in the US and talked samck he would be a supperstar in most peoples eyes. He is a guy who just goes about his business and then gets home to his family back in Australia as soon as he can after the fight.

Very very underrated fighter.