TTT 4 Randy, Tito and F. Shamrock

These guys are definitely legends and captains of the sport and they are trying to make changes..

U Fight Cheap doesn't promote their fighters.. they don't pay 90% of the fighters enough for them to train full-time..

TUF is a show with a bunch of fighters locked in a house with alcohol.. how is this a recipe for showing the sport? It isn't.

they don't care about the sport.. why don't they show the fighters when they are at home training.. and I don't mean just the UFC Access stuff.. all the fighters not just the big $$$ guys..

they can easily pay their guys more money.. the more they get paid.. the more the fighters can also get from sponsorships.. etc.

Listen to your champions of the sport.. they are saying things are wrong and need to be fixed..

The UFC is holding MMA down..

MMA is the sport.. not UFC


Stop torturing yourself by watching the UFC........