TTT for joey styles!

Best segment in a long time.

yep TTT

mark out moment bitches


that was by far the best promo ive heard in a while...definetly top 10 of all time...

yea that was a great promo forsure

Whoa slow down just a bit. I think its jumping the gun to say it was Top 10. Especially since the past few years have been argueably horrible.

Funny how all the best segments seem to include the ECW guys

yea really eh.. I hope it translates over to the ECW promotion thats starting up again


I really like the job Joey Styles has been doing on Raw. I like Jim Ross also but I think Styles is better for Raw in the long run. JR has done a great job for many decades and he can step down knowing he was one of, if not the best play by play guy in wrestling.

I think it is fucked up that they pulled Styles from WrestleMania and Backlash. JR is starting to remind me of some of the big ego'ed older wrestlers who wouldn't let got of their spot. Pass the torch Jim.

ECW is gone and dead. None of Vince's revival angles will change that. Styles has a bright future as Raw announcer. To announce "ECW/Heat" would be a step backwards.